May 31st, 2009

May 31st. What’s so special about this day? Nothing really. It’s just the last day of May and almost the beginning of June. As I am writing this, it is in fact the 1st of June.  I like to write about the past though so it’s ok. Technically a late diary entry. So, I’ve given you a date. Now I give you what happened on this specific date.  In a nutshell, I woke up and now I’m writingtyping my first blog post.

In a somewhat larger nutshell though, I woke up at 10:17 am. I got up with my throat killing me and had breakfast. Brownies and water. I then went to watch T.V. Strangely enough, I was watching the family channel. I didn’t have a remote to change the channel, so I didn’t and ended up watching Pinocchio the movie (not the cartoon). After watching the movie, I went to Tisdall Park to play some Pick Up Ultimate (PUU for short, I made that up) which was organized by the fabulous Amy Luo. Really, I appreciate her for organizing that. Afterwards, I went to Natasha’s “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party. I was pretty late. Now I’m home writing…damn it…typing my first blog post.

So yeah, that was my day. Somehow, that reminds me of how I had an argument a discussion with a friend *cough*Natasha*cough*  about opinions. What was discussed? Nothing really, just how every person will judge based upon what they see and make an opinion. Regardless though, if the judged person is a stranger, most people will shrug it off and think nothing of it after the first second or so. Which really makes me think: Why do people get embarrassed if observers just forget really quickly? I frankly have no definite answer to that.

Another thing. I met about thirty or more people today.  I realized how often we come in contact with friends of friends, and how often we really keep in touch after meeting them. Out of the thirty or so people, I might only end up keeping in touch with…two or three. Possibly even just one. I’ll probably end up seeing maybe half the thirty a couple more times. I wonder how many I shall keep in touch with in the end.

In the end, I realized how odd my day has been. What 17 year old guy watches family? Why did I think these things?  Why is  “sweet sixteen” called  “sweet sixteen”? Why do I have so many thoughts? How the hell do you define a best friend? That came out of the blue…somewhat


One thought on “May 31st, 2009”

  1. instead of posting in my blog i’ll put my thoughts here

    i guess we’re talking about the same things because we’re thinking about the same things. i don’t know who to call my friends sometimes because life changes so much it’s hard to say. i don’t feel sixteen. every day, i feel like i’m just like any other first year. i have a work day like any other university student, and i’m constantly judged by my own age peers for it. it’s difficult, and i guess i don’t know how to find answers either. sometimes i wish my life was simple, but you reminded me how awesome it is to be different, in another perspective.

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