Just Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Ok, today no answer for the previous question.

My day started off swell today. I woke up on top of my school roof with Peter, Zach, and Spencer. It was a rather odd feeling waking up there. Things began to go downhill just as we were getting off the roof. The custodian found us and wasn’t all too happy. He brought us in and we waited for the principal to show up. Long story short, we cleaned up the mess everybody else at the grad sleepover did and then we got unofficially suspended. Yes, unofficially. Oh wait, there was no grad sleepover either because it got canceled on Facebook after everybody left at 3am or so. A nice way to almost end off my grad year.

After getting the talk, I went home and read a book. Then I slept till 4:59 pm. I had an ultimate game at 5 so I was pretty late. Didn’t play so well as I didn’t feel too amazing today.  That’s about it for my day.

I feel like answering my question from my way way earlier post about a good life again. This time with a phrase: Standard of living means that you are in love with and proud of your home, friends and posessions rather than envying someone elses’s standards of living.-Robert Kyosaki


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