Bad Luck and more.

As the title suggest, there is bad luck involved. Now that I think about it though, it isn’t too bad. The only real bad luck I can think of now is not getting accepted into UBC, having to send my camera in to get cleaned and repaired after a completely failed cleaning attempt myself (despite having done the cleaning countless times before) and the last two exams I have left that I am completely unprepared for. Other than that though, life is…average.

I have been reading “It’s Not About the Bike, My Journey Back to Life” by Lance Armstrong instead of studying. In my defense, it’s a very inspirational book. Lance Armstrong doesn’t really coat anything with sugar. He is direct, honest, and to the point about cancer, his recovery from it, and his seven wins in the Tour de France. It’s said the truth hurts, but the thoughts Armstrong has on cancer, cancer recovery, and pretty much just his life in general can be quite humorous. It is serious and can be saddening at times, but also humorous. It’s a great read and in fact, a person should read this book. I recommend it.

I can’t wait for exams to be over, get accepted by UBC (hopefully), and get my camera and flash combo back. On the brightside though, it seems as though I might be able to get a Sony A900 camera combo (body, lens, grip and flash included) in the somewhat near future.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I’m 18. That was about 4 days ago. I just realized I’m 18. Sweet.


One thought on “Bad Luck and more.”

  1. I think it’s pretty cool that you list out all the things that are going down and then you list out the things that are positive 🙂

    good luck, congrats on growing up to be a MAN, things will come as they come.

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