Exams are finally over and summer has pretty much begun for me. Despite this though, I don’t feel too joyful. Today is the 16th of June. A day like any other day. I kind of want to stop photography though. It’s rather strange actually. I am beginning fo feel unsure of where I am going in life (though I’m definitely not the only one). I have started to read as many books as I possibly can. Biographies, technical studies, autobiographies. Pretty much the works. I’m hoping to find out what to do in the future from reading, but I’m keeping my hopes to a minimum and just learning what I can in the meantime. I feel like it is going to be another lazy summer, I hope it won’t be but only time will tell. Odd thought though…I seem to use a lot of commas when I write type. Other than that, I’ll keep it short, sweet, and simple. SSS, also what is known as Super Steady Shot on my Sony cameras.

Just as I choose to end this off I read a quote I kept written down. “You can always quit. Why start now?” Maybe I won’t quit photography now. Maybe tomorrow.


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