It’s Summer. It Kinda Feels Like It, but Not Really

Good news today. I picked up my strobe (flash unit) as it has been done with repairs. I felt highly elated when I picked it up and began imagining pictures I could do involving two strobes. I can honestly say, it made me more happy than I should have been. In other news, it’s obviously the middle of June and it is pretty much summer vacation. It’s the summer season, but it sure doesn’t feel like one. For starters, I’m wearing a sweater indoors.  It’s cold enough that it’s comfortable to wear a sweater after 8 pm. That’s just not right. I don’t feel very hot during the mid afternoon period either. But I guess these are good things. I like mild weather and the cool, but not cold, breezes. It is summer though; no doubt about it. My logic? I got a mosquito bite this morning; That’s summer for you. Interestingly enough though, the bite hasn’t swollen to the epic proportions like it usually does.

Other than that, nothing too new. Reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins (Jim Collins is a pseudonym as the book was made possible because of group work). It’s just about why many good companies stay good, while some good companies become great companies. Should be an interesting read. Anyhow, my day has been as such: woke up late in the morning (11:30 am or so), played a few rounds of “Company of Heroes”, took a shower, bused to Oakridge mall to pick up my Strobe, bused back to my house, then walked over to a friend’s house to deliver some plastic cases he could use for cards, got home, played with my Strobes, gamed a few time on Company of Heroes yet again with Zach, read a bit of the book, and what I’m doing now. Blogging.


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