The Bus is just Awesome

Five people are waiting at a crosswalk. These five people are not related to each other. They have never seen each other before to their knowledge and chances are this is the first time they’ve seen each other; they don’t notice each other however. Yet these five people have one thing in common, the bus they need to take is on the other side of the street and the light has turned green. The bus is ready to cross the street, there is a schedule it must stick to. Luckily for these five people, the bus driver chooses to wait and the five people are extremely grateful. The five people have smiles on and so does the bus driver. He has a very memorable smile.

Buses are part of the public transport system and are not necessarily dependable . I figured that I wouldn’t find busing all that great after driving a number of times, after all the greatest convenience is being able to get from point A to point B with no problems at all (that and all my other friends who drive feel this way). Driving is the…epitome of that for a city. So far though busing is just….awesome. Situations like what I described above just make you smile (that is if you are able to notice things like this). Very nice bus drivers are generally hard to find, but most bus drivers are “ok” nice. This particular bus driver was very observant and would wait for people running to the bus so that they could get on. He was all smiles after waiting at the intersection and replied back to every “thank you” a person said as they got off the bus. You don’t meet bus drivers like this every day, but when you do you can’t help but feel slightly happy (if not more).

Public transit is really not that bad here in the Lower Mainland. It’s fairly easy to get to places such as Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Surrey by transit. Just take the skytrain then transfer to a bus and you’ll get to your destination (or close to there). You’ll know after you take a day to use the public transit system to go somewhere outside of the city. Just try it.


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