Late Night. Wow.

So nothing too new accept that it’s currently 4:07 am as I am typing this. I’m up because the alarm system in my home went off. Why did it go off? Five guys broke through the window and triggered the motion sensor. I then had to fight them off with a shotgun leaving many marks in my house. Just kidding. What really happened was very much less exciting. The front door of the house just opened. That’s it. It just opened and triggered the alarm. At first I thought it was my mom coming out of her room but forgetting to turn off the alarm. That itself though, was quite strange as I could not imagine her forgetting to turn off the alarm as it would affect the sleep of myself, my brother, and the people in the basement. The next few failed attempts at turning the alarm back on tipped me off that something wasn’t too right. I walked down the stairs and walked right to my front door; it was ajar. My first thought? What the ****? I close the door and realize that I have been finding the lock of the door unlocked for the past few days. Those days were lucky days as I was planning on opening the front door anyway, or just happened to notice it slightly open. Back then, the chain was attached. This time, it wasn’t. Alarm goes off, mom freaks out, I go “wtf”, I fix the problem, and think to myself logically how this could have happened. Well earlier in the day, my brother ordered some food from Pizza Hut. He must of somehow not locked the door properly. It’s an old door and the lock is quite confusing to most people so I guess it’s understandable. Still though, not a good start to a day.

On a more happy note though, my A700 should be back by around Tuesday. Also, I suck at blogging about my thoughts and my day. I don’t have that kind of writing thing it seems. Oh well =P


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