Hot, and not.

The weather is extremely hot, but in a way, my life isn’t; physically I’m boiling and slowly being heated alive. Photographically wise, things seem to be slowly working it’s way to being very interesting. Mentally, there are some things I wish I did do, wish I didn’t, and glad I did. For starters, I’m glad I went out last Saturday to watch the fireworks despite the rain and lightning. I gambled with the life of my camera in order to get some fireworks shots. I didn’t get too many I liked, but I did manage to get a shot with lightning (a first for me) and it has currently been “explored” on flickr and is currently #64 in terms of “interestingness”. Next up, things I wish I didn’t do. This one is rather complicated as I am not even sure myself anymore. In a nutshell, it’s kind of like those “spur of the moment” things where your brain isn’t really thinking and you’re either going with gut feeling or emotion. Lastly, I wish I started the project I’ve been thinking of. I’ve been procrastinating the project for a while now, and being that it is summer I really have no excuse for not starting it. What’s the project you’re asking? It’s a photography project. It’s nothing amazingly original. The idea came from “Thousand Portraits“. It was a project done by two people which involved asking over 1500 complete strangers for protrait shots. Now of course some people refuse (hence the extra 500), but it was quite an eye opener. The link is to their website, but I am providing flickr and youtube links as well. My idea is to try and photograph 100 people from the University of British Columbia before summer ends. Since I am attending UBC in September, I thought this would be an interesting way to get to know the campus and the people in it.

Hopefully I shall start this project soon.




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