I like the original WordPress.

After trying out a UBC version of a WordPress blog, I’d say I’d have to stick with this one. It’s a lot easier for photos as I can just upload them rather than link them (3GB file size compared to a 100MB one). So it looks like I’ll be blogging from here from now on.

I’ve been finding it a bit of a bother to blog about anything. Reason being? Other than the lazy factor, I’ve been keeping a written journal/diary. I found that I tended to forget a lot of things when I meant to blog about them later on in the day. With this journal I bring with me I can write about whatever I please whenever I want. It’s quite an experience.

I’m beginning to not like summer all that much. Why? I usually have nothing to do most of the time and I need to find something to do. With school, I need to go to classes every weekday and that keeps me quite busy.

That’s about it for this post.




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