Being any sort of sick sucks.

The most recent memorable feeling I can currently imagine is the feeling of sickness two days ago. The only way I can think of describing is feeling as if my body didn’t belong to me. It wasn’t the usual “cold” sickness that I used to get (haven’t gotten sick with that for two years :)). Instead, for an entire day I just vomited. Any rest meant vomiting. Any food, meant vomiting. Plainly put, it SUCKED. Now that it’s mostly over though, I can’t say that I’m going to say that it was the “worst feeling EVER”. For starters, it’s not; it could have been worse. Now that that is off my chest, time for some real…other thoughts.

Blogging is such an odd thing for me to do when I don’t have photos to relate it to and let’s be honest here, whoever does read this doesn’t usually want to go through a whole mash of text. Pictures are generally more appealing and much easier to look at. I’m hoping to get a chance to take some photos and post those up soon too. I’m trying not to spend too much time at the computer anymore, but when it comes to school usually it’s a fair bit of time…in theory anyway. Speaking of school, I can’t wait until it starts. Summer is great and all, but having a general schedule does wonders when it comes to distracting.

Hopefully I can get a decent hold of French again and get a rough idea of German before the winter semester starts (taking both languages for both terms). Yeah, I’m teaching myself French and German, though for French it should be technically more of a review. I’m also hoping I can get some photography with “models” done. I have a few rough ideas of set ups I’d like to try, but I just need to go out and find people who would be willing to pose for me.

But, first goal: Get extremely comfortable riding a motorcycle on the streets. Yeah, I’m riding one.

Hopefully everybody’s summers are going well.



5 thoughts on “Being any sort of sick sucks.”

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  2. Glad to hear you’re better & hope you stay that way!

    I’m reviewing French, but what’s German like? I’m wondering if I should start teaching myself…is it harder than French?

    1. I personally haven’t taken German before, so it seems pretty hard trying to learn it myself =P. I hear once you start learning it it’s pretty easy.


    1. It was alright. I ended up dropping it, but it involves a heck of a lot of memorization. If you can pace yourself and memorize something everyday, you should be fine.

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