Quick update.

Just figured I should make a quick update of some sort. At the moment summer is going decently. I can’t wait for summer school to finish and for the actual winter semester to start up. I know it sounds rather odd, but that’s just the way I feel ;).

I seem to prefer writing essays over tests now. Before it was the other way around but as it is now, essays seem to be a lot easier to finish than exams as I always end up just doing nothing halfway through my exam and then quickly finish up when time is running out. Not a good feeling.

Lately I’ve found it extremely interesting how society in general devalues people who are essential for society to function well. For example: farmers, garbage collectors, carpenters, mechanics and the like. Some, if not most, are looked down upon by the higher class of society yet if they were just to suddenly vanish, a good majority of this higher class would be unable to get their homes and cars fixed, food wouldn’t be so easy to obtain anymore, and there would be a whole stinkin’ pile of garbage in places you don’t want garbage to be.

Just a thought.




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