Summer 2010: My first 4 month long summer.

Honestly, I am not sure what to make of my first 4 month long summer. I suppose one could call it a summer, but I did take summer school courses for pretty much all 4 months, so in some sense my summer lasted a few weeks. I took Philosophy 335, 339, and 375 if you’re curious as to what courses I did take. As you can tell, I took “third year” courses. I use quotations because the 300 number somehow states that it is a third year course, but I personally don’t see it that way. Sure, the students in your class are generally older than you and have more to say, more is expected from you by the prof, and it is a little intimidating but all in all that stuff doesn’t really matter if you actually have an interest in the courses. That and if the course has no pre-requisites.

It’s been a little disappointing that I don’t have any exciting stories to tell about some country I travelled to or some adventurous activity that I participated in. On top of that, I haven’t really spent much time taking photos. I wish I took more of my night shots. There’s something about wandering around at night taking pictures that gives me the feeling that there’s so much more to life. The action of taking night photos also makes me feel as though, and this does sound rather crazy, I have some sort of omni-present view of life. That’s about as close as I can really describe it for now. Here are some shots of that night excursion if you’re curious.

These shots were taken in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver and quite frankly, it’s a wonderful area at night as far as looks and calmness go. I was actually quite lucky to be able to go onto the roof of an apartment building as a friend of mine somehow knew how to access. Friends in high places indeed. Yes, pun intended.

I am on the verge of saying that I wasted a good 4 months of my life taking summer school yet at the same time I don’t feel that way. The three philosophy courses I took were….dare I say…mind blowing. Philosophy 375 changed the way I now look at the world, Philosophy 339 changed the way I look at movies, and Philosophy 335 changed the way I looked at racism and sexism as a whole. Though, the strongest change had to have been from Philosophy 335.

What I’m about to say is not something I’m very proud of, nor is it something that is admitted very often. Up until the 335 course, I did have this uncomfortable feeling of being Chinese-Canadian (whether I knew it or not). It’s the simplest way I can explain it. It’s not that I wanted to be White (or to be politically correct, Caucasian), but I was just aware of the fact I was of Chinese heritage(racial minority?). Being that I live in Vancouver, I’m sure a number of my Asian friends (and non-Asian friends) would scoff at this idea and it is something they do have reason to laugh at. This course literally just changed everything. I always had this impression that deep down everybody, regardless of race, was more or less the same deep down. I jus wasn’t comfortable with myself whenever the topic of “race” was brought up. Halfway through the course, the idea of race just disappeared from my mind. I think it was the number of intense discussions we had on various philosophy articles on racism. The different viewpoints that were brought up were just fascinating. The class was extremely small by university standards. No more than 20 people were in class at a time, but the small class size just seemed to invite discussion (or perhaps it was the topic?). No other course I have taken to the current date has had as much discussion as this class. I can now say I am totally comfortable being Chinese now (though bear in mind I was comfortable with my personality long before, the two are quite independent of each other).

So what to get out of that? Take some courses that you may find interesting/seem interesting. Don’t just go for the “easy” mark boosters (unless you really need them of course). You might really learn something.

Now for some more photos:

I mean how often is it that you get to wade through grass that’s about as tall as you?

Long blog posts made of up photos late at night that should be hardly of interest. It’s good to be back.

One question: Is it better to have watermarks on photos or not? I am really iffy about this.

If you want to see more pictures, check out my Flickr photostream or my photo blog. Links in the side –>


5 thoughts on “Summer 2010: My first 4 month long summer.”

  1. Are you planning to major in Phil?

    I don’t know why but the thought of watermarks always brings a bad kind of feeling. However, a painting without a signature is never complete to me. It’s like a statement without a context.

    How long were the exposures for those night shots?

  2. Haha, I kinda joined to see how long I can last. Hopefully longer than Jeff 😛

    I just realized I haven’t seen you since that really random time I saw you at Sauder. Guess I’ll be seeing you more next year 🙂

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