Back to school thoughts.

Imagine Day is coming around the corner and I’m actually looking forward to it. Not as a first year though…figures of course since I’m a MUG Leader and not a new student either. It’s going to be pretty different being the “leader” of the incoming first years. The event looks a lot different when viewed from a non-participant point of view (though I mean non-participant quite loosely since I will still technically be “participating”); it’s a bit hectic. It’s even more hectic from the viewpoint of the organizers of course. All in all though, Imagine Day should be pretty great. Again, not being good with words I was hoping to take some photos at training today that would express how I felt. Oddly enough, I didn’t. Very surprising for me in some sense. However, I do have some photos of my Imagine Day that I did pull up:



Pretty intense I’d say. The cheering was…well you’ll find out later on whether or not you attend it.

On more…personal news though I can announce to the world that I can now ride a motorcycle! Well…not really the world since not many people actually read my blog (if any). No pictures of that at the moment. Perhaps later on.

Now I’m off to an early bed time. Good night!


3 thoughts on “Back to school thoughts.”

  1. lol. Not that it means much, but I read your blog 😛

    Have fun at the pep rally XD I will be at my own orientation–eating pizza and keeping my hearing 😉

  2. Hey Rabi,

    The Centre for Arts Student Services is planning on doing a profile for recruiting Imagine Day leaders, and we were wondering if we might be able to use your first photo for the article! Please let us know as soon as possible at

    Thank you,
    – Mary Leong

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