There’s such thing as 0 Ave. It’s sweet.

I’m looking on Facebook right now and I have this huge “blurb” of links just posted on my wall. It’s not like the’ve been spread out over the past few days, but rather the last few minutes. Don’t you just love being able to update EVERYBODY as to what the heck you are doing? I do and don’t. I like it, and I don’t like it. I love being a hypocrisy sometimes. When it comes to these things anyway.

So as the title says, there is such a thing as a 0 Ave. This was NOT something I was aware of up until last weekend. It’s one of those topics/concepts that make sense, but you don’t really bother thinking about it. Take a guess as to where this magical 0 Ave. is.

Yep, the Canadian/American border. I was out and about last weekend in around the Langley, Abbotsford, and Chiliwack area volunteering for the BC Lung Association. It was a fundraiser for people who loved to bike. Let me tell you, those people who go out there and bike for these things? You don’t realize how FREAKING healthy they are until you’ve followed them/followed their route in a car. Each time we stopped and got out of the car to help out, I felt so ashamed to be in a car (now whether or not that makes me go grab a bicycle and bike everywhere is something else). Let’s just say I won’t drive a car unnecessarily from now on. I was able to take some pictures for fun there.

Here’s something interesting. This was while I was in the car and now, just imagine being on the road right here. What you’re looking at is part of the United States.

Quite frankly, it’s mind boggling to be so close to the border of another country. Except for the little signs that you are along the border, you don’t really realize it. Along much of the road we were going along, the border was separated by a ravine no more than 1 or 2 meters across. I could hop back and forth and be in two different countries. Like…WOW.

Other than that, my life hasn’t been much of a life. I got one more thing to share though. I’ve noticed that second year bloggers (or just any blogger in general who is in second year or above) have this tendency to be more…”philosophical” about existing (or as I like to call it, taking up space). First year bloggers on the other hand, always have some exciting story to share/tell.

This is by no means 100% true. Just a generalization and some food for though.


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