Rain, Night shots, and then some.

I’m pretty crazy; so I’ve been told anyway.

I guess if you consider going out in the rain with a digital camera and taking long exposure shots crazy, then I’ll agree with that.

There are so many things I could be talking about right now, but I’m sure there are certain things I should keep only in my written journal. What to talk about…I don’t remember if I ever talked about why I did my night shots. There’s a good chance I did, but it perhaps was not the real reason. The reasons people do certain habitual things, I find, can change over time. A person can do a certain action habitually with the initial reason being “cause I have to” and then having that change to “I love it, it’s fun”.

Now with that in mind, I believe that I initially started these night shots of mine because they were interesting and they allowed me to reflect on my thoughts while I was alone (if I recall correctly). However, the reason now seems to be some sort of escape from reality. As of late, any time I had an urge to take night photos was because I wanted to get “lost” in my head or, quite frankly, to not think about anything. I have two options now if I want that feeling. Go take night photos or go take the motorcycle out for a spin.

I just want to get separated from reality at this point. Not all the time, but for brief moments. Now to find a method of being nostalgically happy.

2 thoughts on “Rain, Night shots, and then some.”

  1. I totally agree with the alone time thing. I used to go out for walks at night all alone. I really miss them, but my parents made me stop for safety reasons :/

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