To be (involved), or not to be (involved). That, it seems, is the question.

So as I am typing this, I am wearing a motorcycle helmet. You might find that rather odd, but for me, all it does is make me either weirder or more interesting. It depends on what viewpoint you have. Unfortunately I just found out that I cannot drink/eat anything with the damn thing on so I have since taken it off.

Now why on earth would I wear a motorcycle helmet indoors? I tend to be clumsy and travel at high speeds in my house, so it’s best to protect my head. On a more serious note though, I meant to go ride around outside today, but didn’t get much of a chance to due to some uhh…. Thus, wearing the helmet around is the next best thing…don’t worry, I can be weirder.

So what’s up with me? I’m not too sure. I’d rather know what’s about with YOU, but I don’t know who reads this. I suppose I shall try and be vain…yet again. The “usual” with me would be photography but guess what? That isn’t the case this time! Quite frankly, I’m just one big mess right now. I’m pretty much on top of school, but at the cost of going out as much as I use to. Granted, last year I didn’t do any homework or study so perhaps this is for the best.

So to be involved or not to be involved. That would really depend on your fancy. Do you want to meet more people? or gain experience? Are you content with where you’re at right now? or not? Do you have other interests off campus? Quite frankly, questions like these are rather tricky since people are generally both the same and different. Quite frankly, the simplest way of going about it is: are you shy? If yes, then get “involved”. If not, it doesn’t hurt to get “involved” anyway. Easier said than done of course, but being “involved” doesn’t mean you need to get a position in a club, or do something crazy (such as changing the world). Just get out and meet people. Ever notice how the more you do something, the easier it gets? Socializing generally works along the same lines.

So I figured I’d throw out a bunch of photos. Truth be told, if I make a blog post without photos it feels rather…naked?


2 thoughts on “To be (involved), or not to be (involved). That, it seems, is the question.”

  1. I know what you mean!!

    It’s like all we hear is “get involved, get involved and then get more involved!”

    But I think it’s more about finding what you like, and what have passion for… did you see the lime thing on facebook? I think that’s where they were trying to go with that.

    I love the pictures!

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