Happy Thanksgiving! In a few hours (well a few hours when I started this post).

So just to rephrase from my last post, it does feel rather “naked” when I don’t have photos in a post.

This…would be one of the many random things that have shown up in my backyard over the years.

Among a bobcat, there have been trailers, doors, tires, concrete slabs, raccoons, skunks, chickens. Just to name a few.

Interesting story behind this photo; It’s actually a baby bird that fell out of a tree. I thought it had died (it was on its back and twitching). I poked it and it jumped back onto its feet and sat there for a good 10 minutes. Then it disappeared.

This shot came from the event “Global Village”. It was more or less a fashion show held in the Commerce building. Originally I was using auto-focus to get some shots, but that was failing miserably. Thus, I chose a different angle and manual focused it. The decision turned out decently I think.

Another one of the shots. Again, manual focusing and it’s not the typical angle you usually see.

I went for a motorcycle ride with my dad today and we took a short break and for once I didn’t have a good camera with me. I was rather bummed that I had to resort to a camera phone…

The guy in the photo would be my dad. Now to find other people to ride with as well =P

Multiple angles. This is the front of my bike (obviously) and it turned out alright for a camera phone.

This is a shot that would have worked rather nicely. There’s only so much one can do with motorcycle photos I find.

There’s something about the elongated tank that I don’t like all that much…what do you think?

One of those shots you find interesting at first…but after a while it loses its interest.

Probably my favourite shot by far.

Thought I’d be artsy somehow =P

Voila, my bike.

No random thoughts or observations for today.


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