Being content is one thing; being bored and disgruntled is another

I had always thought being on top of things (i.e. homework, papers, studying, reading, etc.) would feel great. On the contrary, while it DOES feel nice to not have to worry as much about homework, I feel like complete garbage. I feel like garbage because I have gotten into the habit of wanting things to be done early. It’s a good habit, but it’s pushed my various other hobbies aside. Quite frankly, that blows. As a person who had always thought school should be a secondary priority (Ha, a bit of an oxymoron there), it’s disheartening to have school as a priority. Hopefully that made some sense. In a bit of context, last year I did not study at all and did things as last minute as possible.

It may or may not be obvious, but photography has been a big thing in my life. How it came to be is really beyond me, but it’s there. Ultimate was something that was also pretty big in my life, however, that particular activity has kind of died. Tangent aside, photography is kind of hovering. The only thing that keeps it alive is my “Portraits of UBC” project and the occasional request for photos I get; any other photo is just something that shows up because I happen to have my camera out at the moment. Back in the day I’d take time off school work and just go take photos. I haven’t really done that yet.

So, somewhat late night blogging on a Friday night. Oh so cool; I’m sitting here sipping my wine and eating chocolate. I’m sure there are people who would like to be in my position, but I would like to be socializing out there somewhere. Anything would do I think. In fact, I think going out and partying/getting drunk (for the first time) would be a viable alternative. But hey, I’m stuck here and I guess I might as well make the best of it.

I don’t know how much you guys love your music (listening to it on the bus, on walks, in-between classes), but I found out today that listening to music while walking/sitting/lounging around with headphones is terrible. I loved it before, but I stopped bringing my MP3 and headphones with me this year. I missed being able to listen to music wherever, so I used them for the first time in…maybe 3-4 months? I did not enjoy it. In FACT, I couldn’t listen for more than 30-40 seconds of a song at a time. I can listen to some songs at home at home by playing them on speakers, yet music has also lost its interest. Maybe I need some different style songs?

Now for some photos:

Part of a group of raccoons that were on campus. I think there were about 3/4 in total running around between Irving and Chem. One doesn’t usually see raccoons during the day.

I’ve always been a fan of sunsets.

I kind of like this?

I would like to take some more “street shots” on campus. Just gotta find some time…

Well this isn’t something new.

I remember when I used to do things like this (by the way, that’s not me).

Now you’ve seen some of the things I’ve seen. Not really interesting eh?


4 thoughts on “Being content is one thing; being bored and disgruntled is another”

  1. I just want to say I love reading your posts and all the pictures you take! It makes me think and also makes me step aside from the world and look at things in a far distance. Love your work!

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