Air éphémère de l’hiver

There’s something beautiful about music that is just music in itself, or perhaps, the most raw form of music. The voice. In particular, this song:

The lyrics are within the video, but I can’t help but put the lyrics here too. I could “copy & paste” it, but I (whether you believe it or not) have chosen to go the “old fashioned” way and type the lyrics out. En français:

Caresse sur l’océan
Porte l’oiseau si léger
Revenant des terres enneigées
Air éphémère de l’hiver
Au loin ton écho ton séloigne
Châteaux en Espagne
Vire au vent tourmole déploie tes ailes
Dans l’aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l’arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps

Caresse sur l’océan
Pose l’oiseau si léger
Sur la pierre d’une île immergée
Air éphémère de l’hiver
Enfine ton souffle s’eloigne
Loin dans les montagnes
Vire au vent tourmole déploie tes ailes
Dans l’aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l’arc-en-ciel
Calme sur l’océan

C’est une chanson du film “Les Choristes”. J’ai regardé le film á l’école secondaire (ou le lycée, je ne sais pas qui est la bonne) et j’entends la chanson encore aujourd’hui. Ainsi, je ne bachote pas, mais je vu le film au lieu.

I’ll keep it simple for now. Essentially, what I said (or most likely, meant to say) was: It is a song from the film “Les Choristes”. I watched the film back in high school (France uses a different education system, kind of like junior high and high school) and I heard the song again today. Thus, I didn’t study for my exams, but rather, watched the film.

Since I’m in the language mood, I’m gonna practice my Mandarin skills (or lack thereof).

现在我想不出来写东西。 我觉得我的中文还可以, 可是我不可以写很都,也不可以读很都。 奇怪吗? 我会说话,可是我的朋友说我有一个西方口音。 现在写的东西对我来说是很幸苦。 一点点来吧。

Again, what I meant to say there is (and what’s really funny is while I struggled putting English INTO Chinese, I’m having even more struggle trying to go from Chinese to English; can I get a LOL?): Right now I can’t think of what to write. I think/feel my Chinese is “ok”, but I can’t write much and I can’t read much. Isn’t that weird? I can speak, but my friends say I have a Western accent. The stuff I wrote right now is very tiring to do for me. A little bit at a time I guess.

And, I’m sorry if all you see are squares (you probably just don’t have a language pack installed on your computer). Oh well!

So I probably butchered both languages. I apologize for that.

So I tried to study today, but this little bird here decided to sit in front of my window. I swear it was just looking at me the whole time. Kind of seems like I’m the trapped one in a cage now. The look seems to say “well isn’t your life rather uninteresting”. Little bugger.

Hello there.


3 thoughts on “Air éphémère de l’hiver”

  1. Awww!!!
    It’s my first time commenting on your blog posts, but I just couldn’t help it after looking at the little birdie!
    Such a cute distraction from studying. 🙂

  2. loved the cute little bird and the poetic French title. plus how you try out writing in diff languages. kind of jealous that you see so many cute animals! & kind of jealous that you know/are learning so many languages. (esp since I can’t read or write in Cantonese)

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