We’re all generally pretty insane.

At least, I would hope so. Otherwise, I could be classified as ridiculously insane. And here I am again, blogging instead of doing homework. What a distraction.

Ever have the problem where so much goes through your head, but you just can’t figure out how to put all those thoughts jumping back and forth, here and there, out and about, into words? It’s pretty darn annoying. For me, that isn’t really too much of a problem. I usually forget about what I was thinking by the time I get a chance to write it down. Possibly worse, possibly better. It can be either/or for that.

Of course, right now I’m trying to write blog something and I have absolutely no idea what to write blog about. A bit of a pickle there. I remember doing this once before. Just randomly starting off with something and then going from there…at least it isn’t a paper that needs to be marked. I can go off on a tangent as much as I like. That’s about the only thing I like about blogging. Shazzam!

I do not know why I added “Shazzam” in there, but I’m too much of a lazy little bastard to change it. The way thoughts in your head jump from one to another can sometimes make sense; sometimes the change makes absolutely no sense at all. Kind of like the previous two sentences: the two had absolutely no connection whatsoever. That’s what happened in my head. Maybe your head is more logical than mine, but this is my head so meh. Does your head work more or less the same way?

Mid-term “season” is more or less over (give or take a few classes as exceptions), but I still find myself rather busy. I have 2 essays, a project due at the end of the year, and 2 tests for my two language classes. When they’re listed out, it’s really not that much. Yet, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about what I need to do. Goal: get the 2 essays done by this weekend, study some languages each day, and start picking some poems for that project. Once those are out of the way, maybe THEN I can do some things I really would like to do. “What do you really want to do?” you inquisitively ask (just trying to boost my ego, don’t think much of that).

I would really like to spend more time playing the piano, maybe have a photoshoot using other light sources, chill with a friend(s) and just talk, sit somewhere and just watch the world go by, and ride my motorcycle some more. Oh, and get some more music in other languages (French, German, and Mandarin).

If I could do all that in a week, I could die happy. In other news, I can’t stop oggling at motorcycles. I want to collect motorcycles now. Why must everything I like be so expensive? “Just don’t spend money on that” you say. Well too bad I can’t hear you over my French rap. WHAATTTT

Here are some photos of the ones I want…the list just goes on and on.

And in other…odd news, I’ve found myself saying phrases such as “Oh snap”, “damnnn crazy drivers”, “hmm let’s go faster” and various other…phrases while riding my motorcycle. I think being confined in a helmet does things to a person…:P

I am obviously more interested in motorcycles than cars. In fact, I do not care all that much about cars. Does that make me different? Ha!


2 thoughts on “We’re all generally pretty insane.”

  1. Well! You keep a blog too!
    I understand what you mean by scribbling (rather typing) away at a blog in a fit of procrastination. It’s just much more fun to rant or describe something in a blog than to study for midterms for example. But then again, there are so many preferable alternatives than to be thrust in the throes of exam stress! 😛

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