Late night blogging, how I’ve missed you so.

It’s about 3:50a.m. and it is a toasty 10 degrees Celsius in my room. Very “warm”. And for no particular reason, here’s what my room looks like:

I think my mom would die of shame if she found out I put up a photo of my uncleaned room on the internet for all to see. Actually, no. She would more likely beat me out of shame. So let’s keep these photos a secret shall we? Shhhh.

I included a Black&White version just cause I think it looks better. Of course, it doesn’t portray the room realistically, then again neither does the color one. You wouldn’t see the room actually like that. Just for the record, neither photo is Photoshopped in any way, shape, or form ;).

So why the late night blogging? I just feel like it. I have always thought blogging itself was kind of ridiculous; I still do think that. Perhaps more out of guilt than desire (perhaps a mix of both) since I haven’t posted in a while. The photos are also late night and they’re more of a…hmm…well photography is perhaps one of the few things I can depend on to keep me awake. Just the act of taking photos seems to keep my mind awake, which is nice but also kind of weird and insanely distracting.

This post was flowing pretty well up until now. I just realized that I should be spending some more time studying German. You know that feeling where things are going pretty well, and then life decides to punch you in the stomach, take the breath out of you so that you’re frozen, and then proceed to laugh? Life is grand. Not gonna lie.

Reminds me of a previous post I did on another blog wayyyy back about how life was like a Sine/Cosine graph (assuming you took Math 12 and still remember). Essentially it’s just upppp and downnnn…upppp and downnnn. At the high, you’re dancing like a walrus that’s about to get a life time’s supply of blubber. At the low, you’re like a cheeseburger that’s been sitting around too long and has begun to droop from the disgusted looks it’s been getting cause it’s inedible and has mold growing out of it.

Props if you get a laugh and/or somehow understand the…similes? Cause they make absolutely no sense to me. I don’t think there were meant to.

How’s school? Summing it up in three words: It is okay. It’s the 3rd month and it is around the 3rd month that I start to lose interest in school, at least that’s the feeling. Hopefully I can drag my sorry derriere and get on with it (along with getting a good mark of course). I haven’t stressed out in a while actually. I think it’s about time to do that. FREAK OUTTT. Hopefully.

Hope is perhaps something that is a double edged sword in my opinion. As the World English Dictionary defines it:

1. a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment

It’s a great feeling when things are looking down, but I’ve found that it also drives people insane. That all of course, depends on the situation. However, the way I look at it is: if you’re hopeful, but delusional (aka not also thinking realistically) then it’s pretty nuts, if you’re hopeful, but realistic about things then no big.  This distinction of hope seemed really awesome when it was in my head…like many things. Oh if only I were a writer.

IT IS COLD. Answer to my question of the week (What is the weirdest thing you have done?): Not ever turning on the heater in my room during winter and leaving the window open. Layers have never looked so good.

In other news, I put my motorcycle license plate into storage. Bye bye bike for a few months *sad face* =(. However, a good thing as well as my “motorcycle ego” was definitely blowing out of proportion. Coincidental events: keeping egos in check since 1991.

Photo Credit goes to my friend Zach Tam.

I am quite sure my parents are going to realize that I’ve been up all night, seeing as my room is right above theirs’ and I’ve been tripping on the few things scattered around my room. Good times. I can at least slap one thing on my “list of completed things”.

Staying up really late, for no reason, on a school day, without having to do homework.

Among the many, many, stupid things I have done.

P.S. I hate you dislike our relationship, blog.


One thought on “Late night blogging, how I’ve missed you so.”

  1. so since I’ve “delurked,” you get a random scattering of comments today.
    I have to say your happy dancing walrus vs. droopy cheeseburger analogy is brilliantly hilarious/hilariously brilliant! …made me laugh & made sense to me! (:

    and the thoughts on hope are not bad, I would agree… but hope is such a big thing/topic/? anyway, so it seems that one could write a lot on it… and I think you’re a decent writer.

    …and yes, you are crazy for braving the cold like that! and I think the b&w version looks better as well (your room looks pretty cool & spacious).

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