To be fashionably late.

I’m a little bit late on the blogging time frame to say: OMG SNOW!!!

Heck I’m pretty late about that in general. Here are some photos that are snow related.

In other news, I’m quite jealous of tumblr users. I should get back to using that again at some point. It’s nice because one can post up whatever they feel like posting up. Unlike a traditional blog where it feels like there should be a number of words among photos as well. *sigh*

Perhaps, short, sweet, and to the point is best. I am amazed at just how complex life itself can be. One day you’ll find it extremely simple and within a second it can be complex to the point where you want to shoot yourself (well maybe not that badly).

Been enjoying lots of music lately. Mostly heavy rap and hip/hop (which is totally not what I usually listen to)

I like the original for it’s beats and such. I like this version much more though. Girl’s voice is PERFECT

For now, I think that’s my life in a nutshell. I still think life is pretty awesome, just sayin. Anywho, I just realized I should be writing my essay. Bis später.


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