Je ne suis pas qui je veux être

C’est un problème: Je ne suis pas qui je veux être, mais je suis aussi qui je veux être. Excusez-moi, c’est un problème ET c’est très très drôle. C’est l’histoire de ma vie. Quelle est la raison? La vie. C’est tout.

If you’re curious as to what all that says, feel free to “Google translate” it. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. I don’t feel like “translating” it into what I meant it to say as my French is atrocious right now (even more so than what it is usually). All I hope for is what I said above is right and makes some sort of sense.

So can you believe that it snowed only just last week? I don’t know about you, but if feels like it was ages ago; I feel like a year has passed since then. No joke. So what’s happened since then? Well quite frankly, lots. There’s the North and South Korea incident (involving deaths, combat and anger), the release of diplomatic cables by Wikileaks (did I ever mention how much I love Wikileaks?), Australia is investigating if Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks) broke any laws, and many many many other things if you bothered to check out the various news sources out there. The Wikileaks release of diplomatic cables is both interesting, embarrassing, enlightening, and frightful. I am now quite looking forward to my Poli Sci 260 course next term. School needs to come faster…LOL!

Oh right, and lots has happened in my life too. Not that it matters, it’s just me after all.

Anyways, a blog post by me can’t be a blog post by me without photos. Am I right?

This is a really interesting. It seems like kinda creepy, SO GOOD.

So in other news, I’m not carrying a camera around with me this week on campus. I’ve postponed my portraits project a bit earlier this year (I got lots to finish up this last week), but I’ll start the project back up again in January. It’s quite liberating to not have to carry the camera around. IT’S GREAT. But on the flip side, I am starting to go through camera withdrawal. I really want to take some nature photos now.



4 thoughts on “Je ne suis pas qui je veux être”

  1. It’s a problem: I am not who I want to be, but I am also who I want to be. Excuse me, is a problem and it’s very very funny. This is the story of my life. What is the reason? Life. That’s it.

  2. I have no idea where I should reply to you that you’ll get my messages haha, but on/after the 18th is perfect. I finish exams on the 15th and I’m here until the 22nd. I’ll get facebook back most likely soon. We’ll see. If you still have my number, send me a text! (I’d post it here but I’m a little worried about sending it out into the public sphere)

  3. ah, oui. moi aussi… (mais ce n’est pas si drôle pour moi…) la vie, pourquoi est-elle si compliquée et si difficile? mais, c’est vrai… pourquoi pas? c’est la vie…

    où as-tu pris la première photo? je l’aime – ça semble familier mais pas familier aussi… nature takes over! (ha, don’t know how to translate that)

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