Ah yet another post about the New Year.

In some sense, but not the typical sense.

I got one question for any person reading this. What makes January 1st any different from December 31st? But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it isn’t a special transition either. Regardless, I think it’s still a question I would ask. And, I don’t want to sound like I am cynical, depressed, and/or ; cause at this point, I’m not any of those three.

Oh how I love Cyanide and Happiness comics.

So back to this topic of a New Year. Originally I was thinking of talking about how I felt about all this hype about “New Years” before the actual new year, but “meh, why bother” I thought. Thus, it is now after New Year on the day of the New year. Now, I could talk about my new year resolutions, how I felt about 2010, and how I look forward to 2011 but I can’t. Really, I can’t as I have nothing to say about any of those three.  All I can say is how I am treating this day and moment, and how I am spending my first moments of the new year.

I am treating this “special” day like any other day. The same way I treat my birthday and moments of “success”. As for how I am spending the first moments of the new year, it is NOT with friends, but at home. I am not having “fun”, but I am not not having fun either. I am not with my family, but I am with my family as if it were any other regular day (of course if you really think about it, me blogging this right after the countdown would kind of show I am not doing any typical “New Year get together”). Again, while it may sound like I am extremely cynical, I am not at all. I am quite content and dare I say, happy at how I am spending this New Year’s.

I just find it important to realize that even with this new year hype, there are people out there right now who really feel not so great about a new year. To anybody feeling this way, there is no need to have to feel excited about a new year. Treat it like any other day, but try to improve whatever problem is making you feel down. The least a person can do is try.

Based on the comic above, I hope you all survive a new year!


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