Pop goes the weasel.

The way your brain works is an extremely interesting thing. Now, I’m no psych major but I do enjoy how random thoughts that pop into your head can be as a result of some other kind of initial “stimulation”. For example, I turned on my speakers just now (which made a popping noise) and the first thing I thought of from that pop was the phrase “pop goes the weasel”. One can see how that somewhat relates, but at the same time it’s also totally unrelated. Seriously though, what does that phrase even MEAN?

And to make it even more unrelated, I LOVE school. Or perhaps I just love the idea of being on campus again with the many faces I recognize and getting into a schedule again…yeah it’s probably those two. Can’t say I enjoy the stress of tests and papers, but that does add to the fun doesn’t it? Start of term 2 and the start of my Portraits of UBC yet again. I swear I’ve mentioned this before somewhere (and multiple times), but this project drives me up the wall sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love this project, but like most people I can’t say I like the work involved when it’s crammed between classes. It creates a sort of “deadline” for me and I have yet to fully calm myself 100% of the time. Some days are good, most days are “meh”, and some days are just “KILL ME NOW” (seriously, try talking to 10 strangers day after day; it’s fun but when you get used to it, it’s just a chore). Overall though, it’s just fantastic and I do quite enjoy seeing the results of each day. So consider that just one pointless mini-rant that really won’t affect anything at all. Two and a half more years to go.

Jumping from one topic to the other. Just like my moods, thoughts, and actions. If you watched the video, it’s a song that I’ve been enjoying quite a lot lately. It’s a bit too happy, but what are you gonna do about that? Now for some photos:

Just in case you were wondering, the photos were taken at the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park and I encourage people to check it out and the park once the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom. It’s wonderful when it’s the warmer season (though the lights won’t be up at the conservatory anymore).

I think that’s it for now. Time to figure out a schedule to finish a bunch of little things I need to finish. Oh, I shall also leave you with the video that I first discovered the song in and it shall also be a response to my last blog post which was rather…indifferent towards the new year.


One thought on “Pop goes the weasel.”

  1. nice intro! that kind of thing happens to me too… and haha, you made me wonder what that phrase means, too. had to go look it up on wikipedia (section under “Meanings and Interpretations” offers some possible meanings): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop_Goes_the_Weasel

    hm, yah, I can see how the photo project and talking to strangers can be stressful too (I wouldn’t be able to do it). I think it’s good that you wrote about both sides of it (or is that three sides? – the good, the bad, and the “meh”).

    and yay, photos! beautiful, love the first two. and thanks for the recommendation to check out the Bloedel Conservatory (inexpensive admission, too – nice).

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