Change is a funny thing.

I read through some blog posts the other Blog Squad members have going and a bunch of them had to do with reading break. Seems like everybody’s been doing something during the week of no school. As for mine, in a nutshell, it came and went. The weird thing is, I feel as though everything I did during reading break was over a month ago. Guess I really have been busy.

I’ve grown fond of music that isn’t in English in the past week; in fact, I don’t get much enjoyment listening to songs that are in English (if at all). Being of Chinese descent, you’d think I mean I enjoy listening to music in my parents’ native tongue. Yes, I do, but the languages I’ve grown fond of are not limited to just Mandarin. They include: French, German, and Russian. Or in each language: français, Deutsche, and Русские. I’m hoping to become fluent in all these languages some day, no, it’s more of a dream really.

In other news, I haven’t been looking at the news. This was more or less out of choice. Not because I believe that “ignorance is bliss” (though I do sometimes), but because sometimes a person just needs a break from it all. As much as I’d hate to admit it, being (or trying to be anyway) up to date with what’s going on in the world is both tiresome and extremely depressing. Tiresome because when I try and find out about what’s going on, I try to find out from as many different sources as possible…just can’t stick with one it seems. As for it being extremely depressing, it’s not because of what’s in the news and what I find out, but rather, what other people don’t know. About 8/10 people I talk to either have no idea what’s going on or only have a vague idea of what’s going on. That makes yours truly either really pissed or just really sad. Neither is directed at any person, it’s just a feeling. Whether or not you believe that I can have feelings for something not directed at anything is your choice.

TV shows! Gossip Girl,  Big Bang Theory, Glee, Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, 90210, CSI, Jersey Shore, 24, and Criminal Minds!!!! MY FAVOURITE SHOWSSSS…actually that’s a lie. I don’t watch any of those. One would either think of me less or more, really depends on who the person is. I rarely watch TV and that’s a fact. When I do, I watch the History Channel, National Geographic, or the Discovery Channel. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the shows I have watched are the following: Flying Wild Alaska; American LoggersSwamp LoggersDirty JobsDeadliest CatchGold Rush Alaska; Ice Road Truckers; and Auction Kings. They’re not like the “popular” shows that everybody seems to watch (i.e. the pre-mentioned ones), but I find them way more…entertaining isn’t the right word…intriguing than the (let’s just call them the useless shows) useless shows. The ones on the Discovery Channel and History Channel feature people that, for the most part, I find way more respectable than actors in a TV show. That being said, there will be people who disagree and you know what? If you do, hold your thoughts because I really do not give a flying ****. You watch your shows and I watch mine. I like the perspectives the shows on the Discovery Channel give. Yes, they’re often exaggerated, but they’re closer to a documentaries than Jersey Shore or How I Met Your Mother ever will be (I maybe wrong because I really have never watched any of those shows, except for maybe CSI). I like stories of people, and most of these stories are of hard-working men and women who do jobs that’ll probably make you squirm and/or make either your lives more interesting or let you live the way you live. Really. That’s the truth. So if you’re complaining about how much your life sucks go do something else.

Some photos I took during the break. With regards to photography, I really need to change my style. I had a discussion with a friend about this a while back and she was quite right. My old night shots were getting boring and I really need to try out a new look before I get really REALLY bored with photography again. Also, I have an addiction for rangefinders now. They’re a bit more expensive than regular cameras. Oh woe is me.

Some information I’m just gonna throw out here (cause I can). I am beginning to grasp some sort of “life purpose” but I can’t quite figure out what it is at the same time. It’s like being in a dense fog and seeing a shape, but once you blink, the shape is gone. I am blinking a heck of a lot…weird or what?

Fun fact: I’m listening to Inuit rap. That stuff is pretty awesome, also, I have a French test tomorrow. Crud.


8 thoughts on “Change is a funny thing.”

  1. I feel the same as you, in terms of people not knowing about the news. The news usually talks about some pretty depressing things, but there has been equally as many (if not less) good and profoundly impacting news out there, such as the Sudan Referendum, the downfall of Egyptian President Murabak. Perhaps it has something to do with that we have too many distractions (which also leads us to having ADD and procrastination) that leads us to go in all sort of different tangents.

    In terms of TV, I watch TV shows like the ones you mentioned first (Glee, Big Bang Theory) and, I agree, it’s quite superficial and useless/pointless. I used to watch the Food channel on any given chance that I do have (then and now) because I have a passion for food. My personal favorite on Discovery is Mythbusters and Dirtiest Jobs. Quite phenomenal, Discover channel..:)

    I haven’t seen much of your photography yet, but perhaps a change in photo subjects would be good. Take a look into borrowing the book “photo idea index” by Jim Krause. In the book there are tons of ideas for perspectives and subjects and quite worth sifting through. Good luck!

  2. Promised you I’d post a comment when I got home so here it is!

    Although I already told you my thoughts in person today. Link me to some of your Inuit rap when you have the time 😛

  3. oh, hm, interesting that you don’t like listening to songs in English. Listening to songs in other languages can help with language learning, though!

    True, knowledge can be enleadening at times as well… but it didn’t really occur to me before that it can be depressing what other people don’t know. …what the first commenter said about distractions is true (though sometimes tangents can make for interesting connections). Hedges makes a good point about distractions in Empire of Illusion, and how many in our (modern, well-to-do) society are often distracted by illusions/trivial things instead of paying attention to the real things that matter… so it is wise/good to ask “what’s real and what’s not?” as well as the tougher questions you had at the end of that post of yours a while back.

    I’ve heard of Dirty Jobs, but not the other ones you mentioned. MythBusters is pretty awesome, though. (I’ve enjoyed watching it with my brothers on vacation.) (on a random note, …I would watch the Discovery Channel, but we don’t have it at home. (so I rarely watch tv; prefer reading books anyway.) I don’t watch the useless/pointless/popular shows either; prefer learning & new perspectives/understandings of the greater world to mindless entertainment. …I try to apply this to music too, but it’s somewhat harder?

    please link me to the Inuit rap, too; thanks. I tried searching ‘Inuit rap’ on Youtube, and the first hit was good (a diff, jolting perspective in the lyrics, too), but I can’t say the same for the others.

    I’d like to take a look at the photography book too, for fun, but the public libraries don’t have it! (boo, one of the rare occasions the library has failed me)

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