T-minus 3 hours and counting

So at the time I started this post, I have about 3 hours before my flight to Beijing, China leaves. And I have a paper cut…not sure where that’s from. Anyway, I should be kind of excited/anxious for this. I am, but not really at the same time. The feeling I currently have is one that is more like waiting for that bus to take you to school. Yeah, exciting right? I think it’ll finally hit me that I’m going to China when I’m at the airport. For now, I’m just chilling out in my room and listening to some music.

End of post from home.


Now I’m at the airport and it’s pretty…monotonous. Rather unfriendly (from this experience anyway) and just plain “meh”. The only interesting bit is me trying to check for something every couple seconds or so just in case I lost something. I’m feeling a bit peckish and I still don’t really feel like I’m actually going anywhere. I’m at the gate and most people here seem to either want to keep to themselves or just don’t seem very interesting. I should have chosen to sit elsewhere. At least the flight attendants coming in are pretty cute (yes I’m that bored). Granted, they look very tired and I’m expecting the plane ride to be pretty boring or just plain terrible. What a great way to feel before a trip. Yay! I hope the person sitting beside me is a decent person (or at least, have an empty seat…leg stretch!).

Oh look a young adult playing with an iPad while his mom is asking him to come over…how well he listens…oh sweet the pilots are here. They seem rather competent at flying. I may not die on this plane ride yet.


Let’s just say if I don’t blog again after this, you can assume I’m dead. What a pleasant thought. God I need someone to talk to at this point…

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