I’m alive. Sorta.

So now I’m in a hotel room in Beijing. It feels a bit strange being here, almost like a dream. There are moments where I feel like I am back at home but then reality hits and I realize that I am actually and still am in Beijing. I can’t believe I’m halfway around the world. I’ve had some interesting experiences already in the short time I’ve been here. The most odd one is a feeling of light headed-ness that I keep getting. It’s just like the sensation you get when a plane you’re on is turning and/or banking back and forth. I’m sitting in bed right now and that is the feeling that I’m getting.

It seems like common sense, but it’s only just hit me really hard that life is much easier when you have some sort of goals or plans in mind. I can’t recall an experience at this point where I’ve felt like there was way too much time. I got restless, went out multiple times for walks just to get to know the area, and tried to kill time doing something useful. All I can say is it didn’t work out too well and I didn’t get a lot done.

I don’t know why I’m in Beijing right now. I don’t know how people can move to a new country with a different language and get used to it. Given a good amount of time, it’s possible, but that initial shock factor of not knowing people and just trying to figure out where things are (especially in a big city like Beijing) is something in itself. I thought I’d be able to get around decently with the little amount of Mandarin I am able to speak. How wrong I was…it’s amazing I even got to the hotel for this tour (mainly due to extremely good luck, thanks Edward!). Lesson learned: it’s best to travel with a group of friends (ranging from 2 to whatever number).

Do I wish I was back in Vancouver? You bet. All this has begun to make me question my belief that “home is wherever you are right now”.

Honestly, what on earth am I doing right now?



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