Oh how impressions change.

The tour I’m on keeps getting better and better. Originally I was worried about the rest of my trip after Beijing. I was under the impression I was going to be moving to a new group, but turns out I ended up with the same group.  It’s not very big; there are 6 of us in total. Tours like this are nice if you don’t know the area and that’s the part that makes me like them. Often, the tour guides are what make up the bulk of the trip. The tour guides we’ve had thus far have been extremely great.  Either way, these tours are great for single travellers and groups.

However, the one thing I don’t like about these tours is how fast paced they generally are. They don’t give enough time to reflect during the trip. Once you’re in your hotel room, you can, but often you’re quite tired already from the walking and the going of one place to another. The tour I’m on right now is basically one city a day; Enough to see a number of places, but not enough to get to know the cities themselves well enough. Regardless, I would like to have a tour like this again but with friends next time.

I’ve been meaning to keep a more detailed diary of sorts during the tours (seeing as I won’t be using my laptop during the tour), but it’s been difficult. It’s difficult to write on a bumpy little bus. The roads in China aren’t exactly the same as the ones back in Vancouver. A lot of things have surprised me on the trip thus far. Before leaving, my dad gave me the impression that every person was a thief. No stolen wallet yet, so that bit is questionable *smirk*. When you look around, initially you can get the impression that everyone is unfriendly. That in itself is untrue now that I’ve met a number of courteous people. Of course, there are a number of not so friendly people as well. Oh well. Another thing that surprised me was the expectation of terribly dirty air. The air isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. You won’t die from it and you won’t have breathing problems (unless you have asthma I suppose).

Anyway, end of this post. I’ll throw in some more info next time. I haven’t had a stable source of internet of late and I would also like to reply to the comments I have later (that and some smokers just sat down beside me and I can’t stand the stuff). I also want to talk about history and old vs. new in terms of progress, please remind me if I don’t.  Now for some photos:


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