What do I do?

The thought of staying in one place for a while is making me rather restless right now. And here I thought I would like staying at one place (insert odd laugh here). Nevertheless, I do want a break but I don’t want that break to be spent all day in bed. I now have internet access whenever I want (just have to turn it on) and it’s something of a luxury for me now.  I was surprised to find out that I used up 5MB of data in less than 10 minutes of use. This was just checking email and a quick scan of Facebook. Wow.

For the first time, I’m concerned with how much bandwith/data I’m using for internet. Maybe it’s just me, but back at home I just use internet. I don’t know how much data each website uses up and I never bothered to check. Now I’m trying to be more efficient in my use of the world wide web. Maybe that’s the way it should be, but then, if that were the case, sites like Youtube probably wouldn’t be able to function well. As tempting as it is to check up on some blogs, rumors sites, and leaving some sites open idling, I’ll have to refrain from doing so. I’ll also have to get used to pre-blogging on Word. Thoughts don’t seem to come as easily as they do when I have WordPress open.

I can’t help but notice how bored I get without internet these days. It’s a major warning sign that I’m getting too attached with it. I must somehow find a way to continually know how to use it well and at the same time be able to kill time doing other, more worthwhile things. An interesting expression I heard today was “kids can live without their mothers, but not without their internet” (loosely translated). If I can spend a day with very minimal internet usage, I can give myself a pat on the back. After my one day break tomorrow, I should make a plan of what I’m going to do for the next month and a half. By the end of everything, I have to have picked up Mandarin by a noticeable amount and have some interesting pictures to boot.

It’s incredibly easy to get a connection to the rest of the world in any major country (once you pay the money). It’s interesting how technology is more or less explained in the same manner here as it is back home. I didn’t even have to speak technologic lingo in Mandarin very well. Simple phrases work and it’s possible to not even have to speak it at all. All I had to do was look at some plans and the numbers and simple words that were on there and I understood what each one meant. How convenient.

Shanghai is known for two things. Shopping and its people (or so I’ve been told) so I figured it would be fitting to include my attempt at street photography of people. And I finally figured out the gallery option for this so viewing photos should be a bit easier for you guys on here!


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