Once upon a time

I wish I had some stories to tell you; stories that had some sort of moral lesson or life changing aspect. I don’t however, and unlike a number of people I know (including a few on the Blog Squad), I did not come with the intention to make any sort of difference. When you really think about it, it seems a bit selfish. At least, that’s my take on it.

I’ve been told that I’m rather apathetic. I’m not entirely sure it’s a good or bad thing (it depends on how you look at it). I’m not apathetic all the time, but generally what gets most people down doesn’t affect me all that much (or depending on how serious it is, I can get rather excited and happy too). I don’t know if I’ve been apathetic during this trip. I’ll explain.

Everything I’ve seen on this trip that made me cringe and dislike China on my last trip here has made me smile, chuckle, or laugh. Things like the way people drive here, the manners (or lack thereof I should say) that waiters/waitresses have, and the crowdedness of public transit originally made me despise this city. Now, it’s like I’ve gotten used to it. Almost. The way people drive and the risks one has to take in order to cross the street has become more of a game to me. Which car can I beat (with safety in mind of course)? The waiters/waitresses are rude, but I’ll give them a smile to confuse them. Public transit is packed, but it’s all rather amusing watching how people here complain and deal with being shoulder to shoulder with others.

It seems that I’m taking everything with a grain of salt this time around. Though now that I think about it, perhaps a grain of salt is an understatement. I seem to be trying to flip everything “bad” and make it more humorous (and succeeding). My personality and outlook towards life has changed considerably since the last time I was here when I was 16 (I used to be shy and keep to myself much much more). It’s interesting what different outlooks on life can do to how one views a place, people, or idea. We rarely have a chance to compare for ourselves about how we thought during one particular time and a new one. I suppose, today that is the realization that I have. The outlook I currently have is one that currently works best for me. I make the best of things that I can and try to spin everything from a humorous perspective (most of the time).  I suppose, for the most part, that’s why I don’t take a lot of things seriously.

Take a moment next time you come across a situation that makes you annoyed, frustrated, angry, or shocked and try to think of it in a humorous manner. In other news, I experienced my first thunderstorm in Shanghai. It was AWESOME and the raindrops were pretty big. I’m a huge fan of thunderstorms, rainstorms, and monsoons. Here are a few pics from that day.


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