Damn I suck at smiling

That realization came about after looking at some pictures that were of me taken here in Shanghai. I thought I was smiling, but turns out I look pretty pissed. Wonderful. I guess I need to be in front of a camera a bit more instead of behind it now. Photossss

Speaking of photos, I’ve flipped through a lot of ones belonging to my grandparents (from both sides of the family, and the idea of doing so came from the recommendation of a friend, thanks Cecilia!) and there’s something to be said about the act of doing that. On one hand, going through them makes you think “wow things looked really different and weird back then” and on the other, you find it extremely interesting and you wonder “how were things like back then?” That’s how I basically felt when I flipped through them; a mix of wonder and “LOL” (by the way mom, LOL stands for “laugh out loud” or in Mandarin something like 好笑). Yes, my mom is reading this blog while I’m in China.

Anyway, there’s something about flipping through old photos of your parents, relatives, and their friends that is just intriguing. It’s like watching a frozen moment in time that will never occur again (or very unlikely to do so). Each photo I looked at, made me wonder what they were thinking at that very moment. Did they want to go home? Were they having fun? Were they thinking what they would be like years from now? Did they tell themselves “yes this is going to be a memorable moment”?

When flipping through physical pictures, there’s something about holding that photo and knowing that if it was somehow lost, there was little chance (if any) to get it back. Digital photos (or files of any type) can be recovered using special software. If you put it on the internet, it’ll always be there (so long as the internet stays).

With the way pictures are digital now, I have to wonder: will kids in the future be able to look through photos of their relatives on a screen and get the same feeling I get when physically flipping through photos? I mean, if they’re printed, ok. But the majority of people these days don’t print their photos. They just stick them on Facebook or Flickr (or both). Yes, kids of the future will definitely be way more tech savvy so I guess it’s all a matter of sharing accounts and connecting your accounts of whatever to theirs. Will it be the norm to add your kids on Facebook? Probably. It’ll be interesting to see what things are like once your kids are flipping through your Facebook photos and seeing you partying it up. Seriously, that’ll get you some responsibility points. Of course, that all depends on Facebook not being replaced by something more ridiculous (or how public you make your own profile to your kids).

I’ve always told myself to print out the photos I have, but I never actually do so. I could say that I will now once I get home, but I probably won’t. However, in not saying so, I might actually do it. I should probably figure out my plans for once I get back (thinking wayyy too far ahead? I think so, but might as well).


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