Surprise China! I’m secretly CRAZY

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Shanghai, though more leaning towards the “WHY IS IT LIKE THIS” side.  Right now it’s raining pretty hard, but not enough to make it “too loud to hear yourself think”. I would love to visit a place where that is the case one day. Rain so hard and loud, that you can’t even hear yourself think. I’ve read Kenya has rain like that. I’d like to check that place out during its rainy season (I think).

Now here’s a funny story. I was taking the subway the other day and it was a pretty long trip (around 40+ minutes or so for one way). Being in the happy mood I was in, I decided to stick my headphones in and listen to some music. About a minute later, guess what? I started to dance (not amazing, you know the dance where you just move your body and look stupid). The more I did it, the more fun it got. I thought “heck, I’m in Shanghai and I’m not gonna see any of these people again. Let’s mess around”; and so began my dance of 40 minutes.

Let me tell you, it was epic (in my head). Probably one of the best moments I’ve had here in Shanghai. Call me weird, but doing stupid things gets me happy these days, especially in public. It’s a lot more fun here because of one thing. People here in Shanghai (possibly China too) are just way to serious. Apparently being happy on the subway is one of the symptoms of being insane in the membrane (and unfortunately no, that wasn’t one of the songs I was listening to as awesome as it would have been). It’s something that made me laugh inside and find very curious. Back home, if someone does something odd or seems really happy on a train someone else will end up smiling or chuckling to themselves (not all the time, but the occurrence rate is relatively high). Here, if you seem happy most people will consider you to be a lunatic of some sort and avoid you.

Even while aware of a bunch of people judging me, I kept dancing like a fool. It was fun and honestly, I didn’t care what they thought. I mean, yeah people back home might consider me to be crazy too, but not everybody would be so serious. I’d still get the odd hidden chuckle or two. Will I do it again? Quite possibly. For starters, I was riding the train during rush hour and while everybody else was packed in like a can of sardines, I had a decent amount of space to stand in (no invasion of my personal bubble). I like that.

I plan on doing a lot more stupid/odd things from here on. Nothing to get me killed of course. At most, get judged. Oh yes.


4 thoughts on “Surprise China! I’m secretly CRAZY”

  1. Hope you are enjoying the rest of Shanghai and thanks for updating us on your trip! I miss my hometown immensely and I know you’ll come to embrace this vibrant city. Aww you just got in on the summer rain season:) The air does get better after a good soaking and the city seems more clean and fresh. I think that it’s lovely you are doing your dance and continue to be carefree. Shanghai-nese are just always on the run and sometimes can’t seem to understand how to embrace the moment. I’m sure that as long as you keep at it, they will crack:)

    1. Haha, let’s hope they crack soon then. As much as I enjoy being an oddball, it’s not something I can do 24/7 =P

      The rain makes Shanghai much too humid and it’s not something I can tolerate for too long. I would prefer hot, but dry air so let’s hope the end of the soaking comes soon.

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