People in China need to neglect their kids a bit more. Seriously.

This is hopefully just going to be a quick post, but without any pictures.

There are a number of customs and habits that are unique to each culture, country, city, and person. To understand all of them would, perhaps, take longer than a lifetime. While staying at my grandma’s, she constantly pesters me to eat this eat that, wear more, drink milk, eat more before going to bed, and everything else that involves pampering your child/grand-child. The first few times, I followed her wishes out of respect. Now, the more she tells me to do certain things, the more I get annoyed and occasionally I just refuse to do what she says for a while (I end up doing them half the time, but grudgingly).

Loosely translated, situations usually go a little something like this:

  • I come back and since I find it really hot and I’m sweating a bit, the first thing I do is take off my shirt and turn on the fan. I plan on staying this way for a few minutes just to cool down.
  • Grandma walks in and says “What are you doing? Put on a shirt! It’s COLD. You’ll get sick!”
  • Me: “What? It’s boiling. I’m sweating, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ll put on a shirt in a few minutes after I cool down”
  • Grandma: “People from Shanghai get sick easily in this weather.”
  • Me: “Yes, but I’m not from Shanghai (meant literally as I was born in Vancouver so in theory I’m used to Canadian weather).”
  • Grandma: “Psh, put on more clothes.”
  • Me: “Ugh…”

This is what happened yesterday and things like that drive me up the wall.

Another situation goes like this (but is not limited to grandma, it includes every relative):

  • I’m minding my own business carrying my bag that includes clothing, toiletries, and other things, as I am moving around a staying elsewhere for a bit at a time.
  • Relative: “Let me carry your bag for you, it looks heavy.”
  • Me: “No.”
  • Relative: “Nonono let me carry it for you. You’re carrying 2 bags.” –makes a move to grab my heaviest bag-
  • Me: “Nononono it’s ok!” –as I spin around so that they can’t grab the bag-
  • Relative: “Don’t be like that, let me carry it for you” –still trying to grab the bag-
  • Me: “Seriously no need” –still making sure they can’t grab my bag-
  • -in the end the relative gives up after a lot of back and forth-

I usually feel a bit better once I “win” and it’s not so much of an annoyance as it is funny, but I really really dislike having to be in that situation.

Basically, the things that people here do to try and “help” you annoys me. Ask or remind once or twice and that’s being polite and/or helpful. To pester one over and over about “helping” is just annoying. The idea of leaving kids to carry their own stuff is a concept my relatives seem to be able to understand when explained to them, but in practice, they just can’t seem to grasp it. Back home, I can’t remember the last time my parents asked me if I needed help carrying something, but I do remember that if I said no the first time they usually wouldn’t ask again.

Honestly, the I really want to just be neglected right now. Getting this much attention is just annoying. This isn’t so much of a rant as it is an observation.

In other news, I would like a new pair of shoes.


4 thoughts on “People in China need to neglect their kids a bit more. Seriously.”

  1. HAHAHA! I’m always being urged to eat more as well. Fortunately, I have a large appetite so it’s easy to please my grandmothers. ;P

    Sometimes, though, I really can’t eat anymore so I just declare very loudly that I am so full, so full, really! Grandma, are you full? Why don’t you eat some? Here, let me put some on your plate — there you go! *beaming smile*

    (Don’t forget the smile! It earns forgiveness like nothing else. :D)

    1. Unfortunately I have a small appetite, so I get called on to eat more and more and more =(.

      I usually just crack a joke of sorts or two ^^

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