Mosquitos generally REALLY REALLY ANNOY ME (I was thinking of using “piss me off” but that might be a bit vulgar in CAPs).

At the moment, I have about 7 mosquito bites. They wouldn’t be much of a problem if I reacted to them like most people. Unfortunately for me, I’m more or less allergic to their saliva and 70% of the time, my bites swell up to EPIC proportions. It’s really quite fun. 3 of the bites are on my left hand right now and I cannot make it into a fist (otherwise it’s painful).

Because of this, I’ve gotten pretty good at mosquito killing. I can grab one from the air and squish it to death most of the time. The night before was even more awesome. I felt something on my left hand and I was able to grab it with my thumb and index finger and kill it. Bare in mind, this was all in the dark and I was half asleep at the time. Mosquitos are my least favourite things, actually there is no other insect I resent more. I kill them without a second thought. Other insects, I usually try and find an alternative.

It’s something I find quite curious really. When I take the life of a spider, ant, or fly I feel bad for it. A mosquito, it’s like “YES I GOT YOU”. The idea itself of being able to take the life of something so easily without a second though and being able to kill something else of a similar size, but with regret, is something I find extremely curious. At the moment I don’ t have any words to explain it.

At the moment, I am watching an old Chinese kung fu movie of some sort. I can’t really understand what it’s about, but there is a lot of kung fu fighting and it’s pretty amusing. There’s a love story in it somewhere too. Guess love is in every culture. How odd.


Update, it seems the bites have stopped swelling when I woke up this morning. YAY

Also, I’d like to share with you some quotes I found on online forums the night before about mosquitos (mozzies):

  • Get a wife like mine.
    She attracts all the Mossies while I sleep.:D
  • i got a mosquito net for my bed… perfect barrier.unless they get inside it and hide, waiting for you :DSerious, I reckon mozzies hide under your pillow when you try to catch them.

    It’s that thing we’ve all done at 2am in the morning, when that neeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee neeeeeeeeee noise happens right inside your ear.

    First, you swat around your head in the dark and it goes away, but struth god, they always come back just as your about to nod off again, every time !

    So then you get up and switch on the lamp, grab something to swat with and wait. Across the room you see one, so you carefully get out of bed with your eye on the target and it vanishes.

    Now this is war and you usually find yourself stealth pacing round your room naked (or in your jocks or pajamas, depending on your naff quotient)

    Eventually you give up and decide the mozzie has gone, but what you don’t realise is that mozzie is hiding under your pillow, smart little f@cker !

    And if you do get to know this trick, then the mozzie hides under your bed, or inside the your lamp.

    In fact, it’s watching you from wherever it’s hiding, although it doesn’t see in a conventional sense. It sees your fingers, toes and ankles glowing and smells your sweaty body now that you’ve exerted all that energy trying to catch it.

    There’s only one thing for it, the attack from all angles strategy.

    As you rip your room to shreds, searching for the mozzie hiding place, it quietly buzzes out of the room until your done and decide to go back to sleep.

    Then, just as your starting to nod off again …

    neeeeeeeeeeeee neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • My advice: go to the pet market and buy a couple hundred frogs… take them home and release them in the water near where you live, they’ll multiply and wah-lah, no more mosquito problem. I love where I live because of this simple fact.
  • Seriously, 1000 frogs will end the problem – should cost you about 57 RMB.
  • I have a large desk fan at the end of my bed blowing at my head, they cant get me through the turbulance
In other news, I’ve found street photography at night to be much more interesting and challenging. Forget day time shots, those are for chumps!

2 thoughts on “Mozzies go NEEEE NEEEEEE NEEEEEE”

  1. I’ve been bitten four times in China since May: two bites on each arm. Each night before going to bed, I have to apply insect repellent (with 25% DEED) all over my body, which lasts for only six hours. I started using a mosquito net last night without any repellent, which seems to be effective so far.

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