The Origin of Species!

There is one thing that I find completely curious, and that’s the fact that there’s an ad in my Hotmail account that advertises Salons and Spas in Shanghai. Gotta love targeted advertising right? It knows exactly where I am!

The impression I’ve always had about people in Shanghai was that they would generally avoid strangers. This doesn’t mean that they’re mean in any sort of way; it just means that my impression has always been that Shanghai locals were very cautious (if one could call it that) when it comes to strangers. Based on that, one might assume that it would be extremely hard to strike up a conversation with strangers here. Oddly enough, I’ve had a greater success rate at striking up conversations with strangers than I’ve had back home. This probably has to do with four things:

  1. I take how friendly and laid back people are generally back home are for granted
  2. I’m actually counting how many people I talk to
  3. I have a more “gung ho” attitude when it comes to my attempts at talking to strangers here
  4. And finally, I am under the impression that I have basically nothing to lose and if I get judged then whatever! I don’t live here!

I remember thinking to myself a few days ago “Dang, I’ve gotten a lot more risky and talkative since arriving in China”. Where I plan on going from that statement now is a comment on what I’ve realized I take for granted back home and what I’ve learned about myself.

I take for granted:

  1. the peace and quiet that exists back home as well as the open space
  2. my current social network of family, friends and acquaintances
  3. how comfortable I find being in familiar surroundings (that said, limiting oneself only to familiar situations is bad)
  4. how efficient a system of rules can be (when followed)
  5. how awesome mild climate is

I’ve learned that:

  1. I am pretty freakin stubborn sometimes
  2. I am able to adapt to new situations relatively quickly
  3. I in fact, do like to talk (perhaps too much sometimes)
  4. I can find being the centre of attention to be fun instead of finding it scary
  5. I love being random
  6. There is nothing I love more than water. Seriously. Give me a choice between food or water and 80% of the time I’ll pick water.

I was originally thinking of explaining all those points in detail, but have since decided against it. For starters it would end up being pretty long and secondly, MEH, I got lazy. I’ve realized that this post is itself, absolutely meaningless. I am using it as a gateway to more serious (and possibly interesting) topics. There is a lot I want to blog about and I just need to find a way to somehow get all my thoughts together in some order that makes general sense.

As well, I have a few books I brought along I should probably finish reading (yes I brought books on my trip for some light reading). One of which is “The Origin of Species” by none other than Charles Darwin. Yes I consider that light reading.


6 thoughts on “The Origin of Species!”

  1. Sure the ad is targeted to location, but how about the product? 😀

    And don’t you find Origin of Species incredibly boring? It’s like a science journal, 19th century style.

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