Home is where the heart is

I’m not sure where that phrase comes from, but I know I’ve heard and seen it many times before. I had my own version of this phrase before I left Vancouver and it was something I decided that I would try to live by:

Home is wherever it is you are.

Of course, all that is easier said than done. The moment I got to China I had difficulty believing that the phrase I had chosen to adapt myself to. The first day here was terrible and I realized that I had romanticized the “art of travel” way too much. I was disgusted with myself. I had originally thought about how I would be out and about capturing China in photos, exploring everything, and practicing Mandarin. No, reality isn’t like that; I was just dreaming.

However, after all that I slowly started to grow accustomed to where I was. The habits I found to be annoying and strange became “it’s just the way they are”.  The streets, busses, and metro trains I found to be new and different are now familiar. The oddness of Chinese characters on signs is not so weird looking. Crossing the street isn’t so scary anymore. Basically I’ve gotten used to most things here.

Yes, I wanted an adventure that would be mind blowing. That I never got, but I did get a new insight about many things. I now have a bit of difficulty in defining “home” for myself. On one hand Vancouver is home, but on the other, while I’m here in Shanghai, I call where I’m staying “home”. I found it a coincidence that I ended up coming across another Blog Squadder’s post about home again.  Her name is Sammy and I found her post to be quite interesting. Take a read if you can, I found her thoughts on “home” to be quite thoughtful.

In the end, I feel that home is wherever you feel comfortable being in the moment. Sammy is quite right on that.


One thought on “Home is where the heart is”

  1. This is something I identify with. The concept of ‘home’ is something very hard for me to define right now. Could it be where I stay at University? That’s gone. My parents place? Dont live there any more. My hostel? Gone in 3 days. Maybe I don’t have a home.

    BTW, Cyrillic is my chinese here.

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