Hello Vancouver

So it’s been almost two weeks since I got back to Vancouver. I initially expected myself to post my return home immediately once I got back on my blog,  but no I didn’t. I think I made 3 or 4 blog post drafts and never bothered finishing them. There was just something about them I didn’t like. Since that was the case, here’s this post a bit late. Voila! I’m back in sunny Vancouver! Somewhat. How I’ve missed this weather (no sarcasm, I’m serious).

I remember the anticipation I had for returning home and the desire to make the best out of everything in Vancouver. I was naive enough to think that I would indeed turn over a new leaf and adapt new habits once home. I expected to see Vancouver as an amazing place; I expected to breathe the better air and feel the more comfortable climate; I expected to walk into my room and instantly grow accustomed to “home”. Well none of that really happened. I have yet to really adapt to new habits, I don’t see Vancouver as super amazing (though don’t get me wrong, I love it here), and as much as I enjoy the climate it also feels weird, and finally when I walked into my room I did not get the feeling that I was home. It felt extremely strange to walk into my own house (let alone my own room). Essentially I came back home feeling more like a stranger than a local. Weird.

I haven’t done too much since coming back either. That’s a huge let down, but I also find it hard to get up and do something. It’s weird not having a U-pass anymore this summer (and coming back from an arguably much better transit system in Shanghai doesn’t help) and because of that I don’t feel like randomly going out and taking various transit combinations to some place odd like I used to when I HAD the U-pass. Mannnn. Anyway, I think that’s about it on my mind for now.

Gotta go out and take some pictures; I got me the camera itch!


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