Yet another post about back to school

It doesn’t feel much like back to school. Then again, the first week is usually exciting. New students are immersed in a new environment and returning students bumping into friends they haven’t seen in months. Most people are chatting and often imagining/scheming about grand plans for the year. I’d say about 50% of those end up becoming a reality? But that’s just a guess. For most people, I figure habits will start breaking in about late September. By then the atmosphere on campus will probably be more sober and “flat”. That’s my prediction (though depending on the person you are and the experiences you have this may differ).

Literally, my summer was 4 months long. Mentally, my summer existed during the previous 2 weeks of time before today. It’s very strange to consider 2 weeks of your 4 month summer to be real “summer”. Is it a 3rd year thing to not really be prepared as much? I’m pretty used to knowing where all my classes are beforehand since usually my classes were all over the place. This time, I’ve noticed that all my classes are in one area. Buchanan block. I’m either gonna be chilling a lot in Buchanan, or trying to find ways to get out of there. I like being outdoors when it’s chilly, so I may be trying to book it out of there as the weather gets colder and colder. This is going to be interesting as this year is going to be a pretty big opposite of my past two years.

I look forward more so to the winter. That is all.


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