What do you want to be?

More often than not, I ask myself: “what on earth are you doing?”. Again, more often than not the answer I give to myself is “beats me”. When I give myself that answer I usually turn to music, books, photography, and silent thought. Sometimes, when I feel really anxious I end up feeling lost and end up doing nothing and hoping for something/someone to pull me out of that sad sad pit that is hopelessness. Most people, if not all, get that feeling I’m sure. Once in a while that saviour comes along and pulls you out of that pit, but usually one ends up moping for a while and then they get over it. Usually. Sadly (and at the same time, wonderfully) that’s life. The only comment/advice I can give to speed up the process is to find something that will keep you busy in a meaningful way. Better yet, find multiple things that keep you busy in a meaningful way. For me, this usually involves turning to photography, reading about something worth knowing (I borrow a lot of books), getting down with music (both in public and in private), popping a harmonica in my mouth, and deep & meaningful conversations with other people (insert gagging sound here).

Well, I’m on the next paragraph and I thought of something else that might help with getting out of that unhappy pit of depression. Go to/find your comfortable place. Mine happens to be the Central Library in Downtown Vancouver. All the books in bookshelves bring to me a sort of nostalgic feeling that makes me giddy with excitement. Look kids! Knowledge! Speaking of books and libraries, here’s an image that makes me smile (please excuse the profanity, 18+!):

Now that’s a good laugh.


As for the photo of the two motorcycles, I took it the other day with the help of my brother in the afternoon. We brought our bikes out just for fun.

What do I want to be? I want to be free to help other people. That’s all.


One thought on “What do you want to be?”

  1. Excellent photo of the bikes. I feel the same way about “purpose.” The best way to keep my mind off that is to stay busy doing things. Maybe it’s even preferable to avoid philosophical thoughts on life that one can’t answer–if they are hampering your enjoyment of life itself.

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