Are you judging me? I sure hope so.

Ever feel like your professors are judging you based on the marks you get from quizzes, tests, essays, and exams? Admittedly I sometimes do and that usually happens when I end up doing poorly on one of the mentioned academically related devices one must do. It is even more so the case when your professor is extremely nice and into what they’re doing. All that being said though, really I highly doubt they are judging you (me) but hey, a person can still feel bad right?

I’ve missed two “Foto Story Fridays” so far, both times from just completely forgetting that it was Friday. I’ll have to make it up somehow this week. Anyway, I managed to sleep in until 9 today and miss my Swedish class which was very unfortunate. Even more annoying was that apparently I had missed a quiz I didn’t know about (I thought we were watching a movie?). In terms of grievances and inconveniences, that’s more or less it. Depressing stuff gone, on to more interesting and fun things.

Nope that was a lie. About a week and a half ago I went to the Skrillex concert and it was…ridiculous to say the least (in both good and arguably bad ways). The concert itself isn’t the point though. After the concert my brother and I were waiting at the bus stop to go home and that wasn’t all that exciting. A bit later, a black lady and her friend walked along and just as she reached us smacked both my brother and I on the sides of our heads. Hard enough for our ears to ring. Her friend apologized and she was noticeably drunk/intoxicated (choose your term) and both my brother and I laughed a fair bit about it afterwards. Me being me, I spent a good couple of days thinking about that incident. In a nutshell, it went like this: “she’s probably had bad experiences, she probably hates asians, she probably is racist towards asians”. Then I stopped thinking about it for a bit and then it came up again this week. I can’t help but be reminded by how much racism still exists in this world. Vancouver, or the Lower Mainland in general, is an odd place in the world just because of the ridiculous (and I say that with much affection) amount of diversity there is. The diversity is there if you choose to notice it, and I don’t mean just ethnically as there are many different sorts cultures that are not confined to one’s ethnicity. I could be wrong about the whole unique aspect of course. I suppose New York, London, and San Francisco could be locations where this “uniqueness” exist too, but I’ve never been to those places and all this is just based on my own personal observations and experiences.

So, back to this whole racism thing. It’s an odd topic in itself as very few people, if not everyone, agrees that it is not a good thing anymore. The tricky thing is agreeing on what counts as racism. But hey, rule of thumb. If it’s offensive in your situation, don’t say it or do it. If it’s funny in your situation, give people a laugh. For me, I try not to label something as possibly racist. It involves way too much afterthought and emotional energy that I just don’t want to waste. Is racism an issue to tackle? You bet. Am I immune to arguably racist stereotypes? Hell no. Stereotypes stick like peanut butter to jelly. Maybe 200 years down the road, there will be a world where racism is more or less gone; that would be a very interesting world to live in. Ideally we could get rid of racism and offensiveness in a heartbeat, but as the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything takes time and little steps to get somewhere. Be nice to people and learn about a new culture. If you don’t feel like it, then hopefully you’ll get peer pressured into learning about a new culture. There are good kinds of peer pressure after all. Who knows, you might even embrace a new culture yourself.

With all that, here are two videos. One I consider to be very relevant to the “human dream” (despite being an ad), and a documentary about slavery. Both topics to keep in mind. The documentary can only be linked as far as I know.

Child Slavery 

Oh yes, slavery still exists. All I can say is enjoy yourselves when you have fun and enjoy yourselves when you’re writing your paper or midterm. I know I’m going to try that for the rest of this term at least, if not the rest of my life.


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