First post in over a year and the first of 2014. It would be rather cynical for me to say that I find the whole New Year celebration concept to be a joke, an excuse to party and feel good about one’s self. Then again, I used to feel hopeful about the start of a new year and chances are I’ll feel that way sometime in the future. I just don’t feel that way for 2014.

Writing in my personal journal has grown to feel more normal. I remember thinking private topics were a matter of choice and very few things are needed to be private. Of course, I’m beginning to value private thoughts and musings more and more as I grow older. Funny thing about time and age. Well, what can I share?

A few things I’ve started and/or will be doing:

  • Learning how to code, starting with HTML (soon I’ll be attempting to write posts using HTML as practice).
    • First step, make at least two posts using some bit of HTML
  • I’m traveling to Iceland in a month and a half. Truth be told, I’m a bit nervous; there is a growing desire to travel
  • Brushing up, or at least attempting to, on my languages that I’ve learned
    • Continue using Duolingo and watch a few shows in Russian, German, French, and Chinese. No particular order
  • Organizing more: selling things on Craigslist, cleaning (albeit slowly), getting rid of unnecessary things, going a more minimalist route
    • Make one posting of stuff per month (minimum)
  • Getting more financially involved in budgeting (before I just estimated everything)
    • Bought “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) on steam for $14.99, normally $59.99US and it’s making budgeting more fun. If that is even possible
    • Budget for the month of January and figure out where it is specifically I’m spending the most, rather than estimates; first step to financial independence. Get rich slowly
  • Blog more, this time more focused on a person’s day to day life (mine) now that it’s become post-post-secondary
    • One post a week, about said goals
  • Find ways of describing things and events more visually
    • Describe things I talk about in future posts, one overly descriptive post at a time
  • Continue improving myself and my thoughts, never staying the same  for too long
    • Read outside of my comfort zone with one book a month. Science: biology, physics, space. Business: the random business textbooks I have lying around
  • Tinker more
    • Start by taking apart one random object a month

I don’t have to care about the new year, but I can still add some new goals. Hypocritical? Yeah. Next post will be about preparations for Iceland

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