Iceland Day 2

Day two felt much more pleasant to put it mildly. The morning started very early, 6am local time. At this point my brain was finally used to the idea that “hey guess what brain, you’re halfway across the world. Eight hour time zone difference!” Yeah ok, so I put together a really odd breakfast and chill around in the main gathering area. You know, do a few things on the computer, write in my journal, write a few more postcards. Basically I’m waiting around for the sun to start rising. First destination was: Seljalandsfoss. I’ve seen that name so many times now that I can type it without really thinking about it. It’s the waterfall that you can walk behind and was pretty cool to stand beside. Getting to the back though, was a different story. A lot of the water collected along the back corner and freezing temperatures from previous days made it extremely icy to put it mildly. Most of the pathway to the back was covered in a long sheet of ice. So as I am slowly making my way through the ice, a tour bus pulls in. I’m thinking “Oh hey I almost beat the rush of tourists…” This will be interesting. I make it safely to the back and as I’m setting up my gear I notice a rather large gaggle of tourists standing at the beginning of the earlier mentioned ice sheet. I stand there just looking at them wondering if any one of them will attempt to cross to the back. I watch one person after another attempt it, and then head back. It gave me a chuckle. One person did join me on the other side a little while later, it felt like a secret spot or such.

SeljalandsfossSeljalandsfoss from somewhere along the back

After all that was done, I left and headed off to Skogafoss. Waterfall number two. All in all, similar bit. Take pics, hike around and take more pics. Do some more exploring. I have to say that if I were here in the summer time, I’d be doing a lot more hiking. There are so many places to just go off and explore! One thing of note here though was that the moment I pulled into the Skogafoss area, yet another tour bus came in too. This time packed with a bunch of Asian tourists. I’m thinking “Hey cool! My people!” As I was taking pictures I was watching them. It was like watching a repetition of the same thing over and over. All of them would walk up to around the same point (close enough to get the waterfall in full on their cameras/phones), take pictures of the falls and of themselves/friends. Rinse and repeat. Then everyone would head back to the bus one by one. I thought that was intriguing. I had a discussion about this particular pattern with some people in my hostel later on in the day. Maybe I’ll talk about that later.

Skogafoss TouristsSkogafoss with the tourists

After all that, I went straight to the next hostel in Vik. Good thing I did because the moment I left Skogafoss it started pouring. And I mean pouring! Ended up safe at Vik Hostel and met a lot of new friends along the way. A couple from Vancouver (of all places to meet), a group of French lads, and a group of friends travelling from Europe (but are from Asia originally). After just this little bit, I have to say that driving around in Iceland is fantastic. The landscape changes by the minute and there’s always something different to see.

Random locationThere’s always a nice place to just randomly pull over and think


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