Iceland, Day 11-13

Condensing the last few days I spent in Iceland into one post for the sake of brevity. Yes, I know it is over 3 months late. But I owe you nothing.

It was during these days that I met over half of the people I met during my whole travel in Iceland. At first I had thought that solo traveling was an oddly a unique thing to do in Iceland, but I was wrong. A lot of solo travelers come to Iceland. However, most tend to stay in the capital city of Reykjavik and make that their place of operations. So tour groups out and about to see the Golden Circle. Things like that. I have to admit that after seeing the South, some of the East, and some of the North-West I really didn’t care for the city all that much. I didn’t really explore it as much as I could have and I used the 2 days and 3 nights as time to wind down and relax myself before heading home again. When you get the chance to rest, you damn well take it. Having a chance to sleep in until 8am was amazing, never thought I’d consider that sleeping in.

Day 11 was spent going around and exploring the areas surrounding my hostel, buying food to cook with for the next few days, cooking that food, and checking out a little restaurant my hitchhiker friend suggested. We didn’t get a chance to try it out together because it was late, 11pm, when we got to the place and it was closed as a result.

Day 12 was spent watching the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey game despite telling myself I wouldn’t bother. Because Canadian. I did some more cooking in the hostel kitchen and ended up discussing and trip planning with three other guys who were thinking of driving the same direction I took. There was something about the planning that got me all excited. Conversation about world politics and life ensued as well.

This was followed by one of the more random things I’ve ever done. I walked up to a group of fellow travelers and asked them if I could join them because I was bored/lonely/looking for peeps to chat with. Something along the lines of that. The answer was: an exuberant yes. Turns out they were all exchange students studying in London, damn did that make me jealous! “I should have done an exchange” I thought amusingly. Good things sometimes follow each other and another great thing came to be. That night was another one of the stronger Auroras. One could see it very clearly from the balcony of the hostel, what a mesmerizing sight that was. At first it was a very pale green color about 3 bananas in width. Then it grew to be a very bright green colour. It then danced and curved across the sky over our heads. Did I mention it was mesmerizing? To be able to just chat and relax on a balcony while an aurora flows over you as if it was the most common thing to do in the world, I hope never to forget that.

Day 13

Final day: Grab breakfast, head to the airport, fly home, and contemplate life.


This is all to get the missing days out of the way for an upcoming trip!


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