End of the School Year. Almost.

June 9, 2009. Yearbook distribution day. Most students at Prince of Wales Secondary, if not all, were able to get their yearbooks today. The hallways were quite hectic as people were getting signatures from each other in a mad frenzy. Not the first time I’ve seen this, but definitely the first time seeing it as a person who helped produce the yearbook. It was nice seeing how much people liked the yearbook and how nicely they commented on it. I got quite a few signatures on my yearbook myself and many had something to do with my photography. Go figure since it’s not my most favourite hobby (sarcasm). I was the photography editor for my yearbook and I took quite a large number of pictures for this yearbook. The pictures turned out well, give or take a few printing issues, and there were a lot of pictures. In any case, I have this issue where I feel like I didn’t do very much for the yearbook. According to most, I did; I can’t say I feel the same way. Maybe I just have high standards and maybe it’s just cause I’m feeling bad. Lately I’ve been having quite a bit of bad luck, more so than usual.

Last thought: Who cares the least about you than you? Everybody else.


Just Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Ok, today no answer for the previous question.

My day started off swell today. I woke up on top of my school roof with Peter, Zach, and Spencer. It was a rather odd feeling waking up there. Things began to go downhill just as we were getting off the roof. The custodian found us and wasn’t all too happy. He brought us in and we waited for the principal to show up. Long story short, we cleaned up the mess everybody else at the grad sleepover did and then we got unofficially suspended. Yes, unofficially. Oh wait, there was no grad sleepover either because it got canceled on Facebook after everybody left at 3am or so. A nice way to almost end off my grad year.

After getting the talk, I went home and read a book. Then I slept till 4:59 pm. I had an ultimate game at 5 so I was pretty late. Didn’t play so well as I didn’t feel too amazing today.  That’s about it for my day.

I feel like answering my question from my way way earlier post about a good life again. This time with a phrase: Standard of living means that you are in love with and proud of your home, friends and posessions rather than envying someone elses’s standards of living.-Robert Kyosaki

Nice and Quick

Nothing too major today. I just officially graudted from secondary school yesterday and quite frankly, I don’t really care. Why? I don’t know, I just don’t care. Anyway, I thought about my quesion from before, and to be honest, there are many things that make one person’s life better than another’s. There is just not clear cut defined answer. All I can really say is if you are happy and have no troubles financially, life is good.

Short and simple. And only one question today: Why do people make such a big deal out of certain events such as Grad?

Keep That Mind Clicking

Vancouver is considered one of the best places to live in. It’s pretty great actually. The weather is decent, nothing too extreme generally, people are nice (in general), and there can be quite a few things to do. I think I want to move out after university though. The smog here in Vancouver is terrible on hot humid days. Really, I noticed a blueish tinge on objects as close as ten metres away. It seems that I am the only one who has noticed this so far; this means one of two things, I’m either just really observant, or I am going insane. I hope not the latter.

In any case, I think I have thought of an answer to the my previous “best friend” question. It is quite hard to define  “best friend” as it means something different to most people, but I think the general rule of thumb is as follows: A best friend is someone you can act stupid with and it won’t really matter because he/she knows that you can behave in a more proper manner. This person does not necessarily have to hang out with you very often, though it is an added bonus. In cases like this, there is no specific “best friend”. You can’t really limit yourself to one since person “A” might consider you a best friend when you think that your best friend is person “B”.

I’ve been stressing about University lately. It is welcoming to know that I am not the only one worrying about post-secondary at this point in time because simply put, it’s annoying. I recently read an article about China and how the generation of today is quite content and are not prone to any protests like that of Tienanmen Square in 1989. Some reasons included changing government, increase in middle class, more education, pretty much the usual mumbo jumbo. Things didn’t get too interesting until university graduates and the current recession came into play. If I recall correctly (I may be terribly off) there are going to be 6 million Chinese graduates from university. Quite frankly, that’s a lot. That’s not the really interesting part though. In one particular university, ten of its graduates applied for jobs as “Public Washroom Attendants”; I’m not kidding. One of the applicants replied only with this: “Better to be public washroom attendants than to have no job at all.” Now that got me thinking made me realize something. I have no desire to pursue a career in whatever degree I end up getting. I just want to learn as much as I can from university then see where life takes me. Maybe start off poor and worthless?

There’s something just plain wonderful about hanging out with other people; humans are social animals by nature so it isn’t really surprising.  However, at the same time it just isn’t so pleasant all the time.  Why is that? Will I get accepted to UBC? Why is Vancouver so smoggy? What is a good life? I mean really, what makes someone’s life better than the next person? if at all?

May 31st, 2009

May 31st. What’s so special about this day? Nothing really. It’s just the last day of May and almost the beginning of June. As I am writing this, it is in fact the 1st of June.  I like to write about the past though so it’s ok. Technically a late diary entry. So, I’ve given you a date. Now I give you what happened on this specific date.  In a nutshell, I woke up and now I’m writingtyping my first blog post.

In a somewhat larger nutshell though, I woke up at 10:17 am. I got up with my throat killing me and had breakfast. Brownies and water. I then went to watch T.V. Strangely enough, I was watching the family channel. I didn’t have a remote to change the channel, so I didn’t and ended up watching Pinocchio the movie (not the cartoon). After watching the movie, I went to Tisdall Park to play some Pick Up Ultimate (PUU for short, I made that up) which was organized by the fabulous Amy Luo. Really, I appreciate her for organizing that. Afterwards, I went to Natasha’s “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party. I was pretty late. Now I’m home writing…damn it…typing my first blog post.

So yeah, that was my day. Somehow, that reminds me of how I had an argument a discussion with a friend *cough*Natasha*cough*  about opinions. What was discussed? Nothing really, just how every person will judge based upon what they see and make an opinion. Regardless though, if the judged person is a stranger, most people will shrug it off and think nothing of it after the first second or so. Which really makes me think: Why do people get embarrassed if observers just forget really quickly? I frankly have no definite answer to that.

Another thing. I met about thirty or more people today.  I realized how often we come in contact with friends of friends, and how often we really keep in touch after meeting them. Out of the thirty or so people, I might only end up keeping in touch with…two or three. Possibly even just one. I’ll probably end up seeing maybe half the thirty a couple more times. I wonder how many I shall keep in touch with in the end.

In the end, I realized how odd my day has been. What 17 year old guy watches family? Why did I think these things?  Why is  “sweet sixteen” called  “sweet sixteen”? Why do I have so many thoughts? How the hell do you define a best friend? That came out of the blue…somewhat