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Iceland, Day 5

Day 5…was different. After leaving the hostel, I went to check out the glacier again. Jökulsárlón Lagoon was the name. This time it was to get a few shots of the little glacier blocks that littered the beach. It started off with some bad news. Apparently the aurora borealis was out in full the night before, right when I went to bed. Damnit. This particular day wasn’t all that interesting. I’ll just let you know right here and now that I ended up catching a stomach ache for the afternoon. Despite that, I did end up doing a few things.

After catching the sunrise at Jökulsárlón, I drove back to Skaftafell National Park. I was there to check out Svartifoss (black falls), but ended up doing a bit of hiking instead. To be honest I didn’t find Svartifoss to be all that great, but it was still pretty cool seeing the formation. Rather than going back to the car, I decided to do more hiking. I hadn’t done any hiking for years up until that point and then felt like a good time. So with about 10-12 pounds of camera gear, further up the mountain I go. The whole time I’m thinking, what on earth am I doing? I hike up to part of the top and boy, I feel great when I get there. I didn’t really do THAT much hiking, but I felt happy. Exercise ladies and gents. Exercise is indeed important for happiness.

After that, a 3 or 4 hour drive to the town of Laugarvatn to stay at the hostel there so that I can visit the places around the so-called Golden Circle the following day. These locations being: Gullfoss, Geysir, and Thingvellir National Park. The hostel I stay at is pretty empty, and not many people to talk to. I end up getting a stomachache and cannot finish the dinner I made for myself. I’ll have to try cooking for myself another time. For now, it is time to live off of sandwiches. I have a feeling I’ll have lost a fair bit of weight when I check back home.

Stopped by a random cave by the road. I liked this shot


Preparations for Icel…no not really.

I lied, this won’t be a post about my preparations for Iceland. It’s still too early for that. I low-sided (crashed) my motorbike. More than a month ago. I wish I had a video for that, but the camera cut out ten seconds before the moment mentioned. Just my luck. Long story short, I hit a patch of ice and the rear tire slid out from under me. It all happened quite quickly and I still cannot recall events very well. It wasn’t too bad though, I got up and rode the bike off to breakfast with some friends. Mostly cosmetic damage and pride. I have most of it fixed up now. Right after that, I gave back the plate. No point spending money on something I won’t be using for the next 3 months (yes it was insured until February). Here’s most of the damage I found out later that the signal light also broke off):

IMG_3019 copy

Yesterday was the first time I went riding since that day. No, my bike isn’t fixed and back on the road just yet. Out of the garage came my brother’s Honda CBR125. A far cry from the Monster 696 I’d been riding the past year. We kept the insurance on the Honda because here in Vancouver, under 401cc bikes are pretty cheap in terms of insurance. Both excited and concerned, I bulked up on the layers and gear. Full gear. Boots, pants, jacket, gloves, helmet. Won’t be wearing jeans while riding for a while (not just cause it’s cold, the possibility of road rash is still very real to me).  The Honda CBR125 is a fun little bike, underpowered compared to the 696. Yet, still fun to ride. I didn’t find it very hard to re-adjust to it. It does feel a little narrow though. 

I took the Honda to work since it’s cheaper than taking the the Canada Line (public transit). Getting there wasn’t all that bad, felt a little bit rusty. Made it to work and felt pretty good. Going back home on the other hand…that was a different story. I get off work after it gets dark and the first thing I notice when I get to the bike is frost. Frost. That means things are cold enough for water to freeze. I was worried. I’d hate to crash again. Long story short, I made it home. Can’t say I was in a very happy frame of mind most of the way though. Yes, I was happy being on a bike. There’s just something special about having a whole lane to play with (also changing lanes is so much easier). However, most of my mind was focused on scanning any possible threats in front. Any patches of ice? I’m terrified of those now. Hard leans? Terrifying. I’ll have to see how I feel when the weather is warmer and I get more grip on the roads. For now though, the crash seems to have shaken my confidence in making turns. That or it’s the fear of ice.